Many new people join the online betting community every day. Veterans and green-thumbed players combine to form an attractive bunch of customers willing to let a little loose and have some fun. In order to attract more customers, many casinos now offer bonuses as part of advertising their website. No doubt, not all casinos offer bonuses on their blackjack games. But even for the ones that do, there are certain terms and conditions like having to bet a certain amount of your own money before the bonus money can be withdrawn. This is called a ‘Rollover Requirement’. This requirement varies based on the casino. But casinos tend to put higher rollover due to overall low house edge (nearly 0.5% for most casinos). Such measures were made in order for the casinos to protect their businesses.

For example, if a casino offers $100 in the bonus with a rollover 50x, then the players would have to bet an additional sum of $5000 ($100×50) of his own money before he would be allowed to withdraw the $100 obtained via the bonus. But assuming the player makes an average loss of $25 ($5000×0.005), he would still make a profit of $75 using the offer. Despite the terms and conditions, a rational and logical player would still be able to figure the amazing nature of these bonuses with their eyes closed.


What is Blackjack Casino Game?

Blackjack, a quick paced, standard table and card gambling game, is the second most popular gaming choice of people after poker. Blackjack owes it popularity to the fact that winning in blackjack doesn’t solely depend on luck. Mastering a few basic skills gives players the much-needed advantage to beat the house and win money. The main target in the game is to hold a total hand value greater than that of the dealer while making sure that your total doesn’t exceed 21. In the standard deck of 52 cards, aces count as one or 11. Face cards such as King, Queen, and Jack get you 10 points while the others keep the value that is printed on them. The better talent you possess, the better opportunities you have of winning in the game. Good memory, inborn talent, a knack for gaming along with a proper understanding of the game will help you go a long way in this adventurous and adrenaline filled game of Blackjack.

In this modern age, blackjack has been introduced online where many casinos offer this game for free. Many of these websites are designed for people in the UK and have gained a lot of popularity. You can often play on these websites using real money. If you like the adrenaline rush found only in gambling, blackjack is definitely one of the best ways to pass your time. Most of these games have no download option available. In this day, it’s more comfortable to not have to download anything in the first place. Just go to the online site and get started on this amazing journey.

Popular Blackjack Bonuses

While many casinos cough out a different variety of offers at a different time, blackjack bonuses are still the ones to be always on the lookout for. The terms and conditions of the string attached to these bonuses must always be properly read and you should trust only licensed online casino if already decided on using your own money for the game. A few samples of the offers that players get are listed below for reference:

  • Slotty Vegas Casino Offer – Being one of the popular casinos available online, Slotty Vegas has notched up their standards by offering its players a way to earn more on their wins in every game they play. This offer will allow its players to win additional money on top of their winnings in the game. This results in their game paying 30% more than the competitors as of now. With an offer as fabulous as this, no player should let go of the opportunity of winning big or maybe even hit the jackpot.
  • BetAt Casino Offer – Betat Casino has also been one of the most popular casinos in the online gambling market. With various offers now making the rounds, the one that catches your eye would be the €500 bankroll boost for new players. Some games in this casino offer you an achievement bonus wherein loyalty to a game is rewarded with incremental cash rewards.
  • Blackjack Weekends – With all the free time players can get on weekends, it’s natural for casinos to make offers that will make the players come their way. Applicable from Friday through Sunday, this offer allows players to win $100 in bonus while playing blackjack and its variations. Not only this, for every 200 points that you earn, you can get a $10 casino chip bonus. The rollover requirement here is generally 20x. But with the payout being as it is, this offer is definitely lucrative enough to attract many players into the world of blackjack.
  • Blackjack Sundays – Sundays just got a lot more fun with this exciting offer that gives players an additional $21 for the first blackjack of the day with a minimum bet of $5 per hand. The 20x rollover requirement exists for this offer as well. But with all the excitement of the game and the fun one can have, the rollover requirement is a little hurdle to burden ourselves with. With Sundays being the time for people to relax, casinos just went ahead and tried to make your day even better with this amazing offer.

Blackjack Bonuses – Beacon for Jackpot

Blackjack bonuses help attract more players to online casinos round the globe. With the increased rate of competition lately, companies have to come up with better and interesting offers all the time to ensure proper flow of customers. It’s important for players to properly go through the terms and conditions while signing up for any bonus. Time validity, withdrawal procedures and such should be done so that you don’t have to face any hassle later along the way. Prevention has always been better than the cure.