Novomatic gaming Software Company is among the pioneers of the gaming industry, especially with regard to slot machines. They have a huge following in brick and mortar casinos in various regions across the globe. This popularity made it easier for them to make the move to the wide web once online gaming was introduced. Their online platform was created in 2011 and quickly became a sensation with millions of gamblers in the UK and around the world.

Over time, the only thing that became more popular than their slots is the Novomatic bonuses that were offered alongside the games. This enhanced an already established reputation to make it an important pillar in the casino business.


Types of Bonuses

Numerous industries have long used bonuses and promotions to entice players to use their products and services. The casino business is not an exception to this practice. They are used as a way to invite players to choose certain games over others. Some of the most common bonuses offered in slots include:

Free Spins

These are some of the most popular and rewarding bonuses that are found in slot games. In this round, the player gets to have a spin at the reels without having to place any wager on the win lines. They are usually triggered by acquiring a specific number of special icons on the reels, mostly three or more. The spins offered can be as low as three and as high as two hundred, depending on the game of choice. Free spin bonuses can come with other features within them such as multipliers, wilds, and bonus rounds. In most cases, they are played in consecutive order once the feature is achieved.


Multipliers are one of the simplest special features in slots. Many a time, they appear in other bonus rounds such as gamble features, free spins bonus, and mini-games. in some cases, however, they can be triggered by matching certain icons on the reels.

These bonuses can multiply a player’s winnings depending on the number that is achieved. For instance, if a 3x multiplier is acquired, one has their winnings multiplied by three. The number has been known to go as high as five hundred in some games.

Gamble feature

The gamble feature comes in different variations depending on the game. However, the most common aspect of them all is the presentation of different items where players have to pick one.

In some cases, the player is presented with a playing card that has its face down. One is required to guess the correct color of the card – whether red or black. Guessing correct doubles the winnings of the player while giving the wrong answer sends the player back to the reels having lost all their winnings. The round is triggered by achieving a winning combination.

Pick me bonus round

This bonus features the same straightforward functionality as the gable feature. The only difference is that instead of a playing card, the gambler is presented with several items. These items offer different payouts including free spins, wilds, and real money prizes. One has to choose one item to reveal what their reward is. Some games allow players to choose a second time if they are not pleased with the results of their first choice. The feature is triggered by achieving a winning combo.


These are arguably among the most common bonuses offered in slots. They come in a wide array of types that offer different functions all with the purpose of increasing a player’s winnings. They include:

  • Expanding Wilds – They serve the same purpose as ordinary wilds, replacing other icons on the reels. However, they have the ability to produce more win lines. Hence, a bigger winning combination can be achieved.
  • Walking wilds – These wilds have the ability to move through the reels each time the reels are spun. This way the player has more opportunity to acquire a winning combination depending on the reel they appear in. In most cases, they appear during a free spin bonus.
  • Stacked wilds – These wilds feature almost the same functionality as expanding wilds. However, instead of creating more win lines on the reels they appear on, they change the icons on an entire reel depending on the symbol they were used to replace.
  • Replicating wilds – These are the rarest type of wilds. They can turn other icons near them into wilds. In most slot games, combinations made of wild icons have some of the biggest payouts. Therefore, these bonus feature pays very well. It is easy to see why it does not appear in many games.
  • Sticky wilds – This feature mostly appears during a free spins bonus. Unlike other wilds that move on the reels just like any other icons, the sticky wilds stay put for the entire free spins feature. Acquiring a win with this feature awards the player with another free spin round. The number of free spins offered with this bonus can go as high as one thousand, eight hundred spins, depending on the game.

Nearly all these bonuses are offered in Novomatic slots. However, different games will carry a different amount of Novomatic free bonuses.

Novomatic Slots with Bonuses

Of all the games produced by this online gaming software developer, their most common are the slot collection. This comes as no surprise since slot machine games have dominated the gambling scene since their introduction to the entertainment business. Being their most popular category of games, slots carry the biggest bonuses. Below are some of the Novomatic slots with bonuses:

  • Book of Ra

Book of Ra slot is a familiar name among slot lovers. It first gained popularity in land-based casinos before an online production of the same was made. Featuring five reels and nine fixed win lines, the game became such a huge sensation that three sequels of the game were created: Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra Deluxe: Jackpot Edition, and Book of Ra 6.

The slot’s theme is based on an American tourist exploring Egypt in search of the book of Ra. Gamers have long loved the use of Egyptian culture in the production of games, and the fusion of ancient and modern Egyptian culture in this game has only worked to make it even more enjoyed.

Aside from the engaging theme, the bonuses are also enough to keep gamblers in play. The most rewarding is the free spins feature that is activated by achieving three or more wild icons on the reels. The ten free spins also come with an expanding wild that has the ability to award a re-spin bonus when a winning combo is achieved using it. Additionally, there is a jackpot bonus offered that is triggered by matching five scatter icons on the bet lines.

  • The Money Game

Novomatic understands that most players indulge in slots for big money wins. Thus, this slot has been built with a theme surrounding money in its entirety. The theme is very simple to understand, as can be deduced from the name of the game, but the wins are quite complex.

The bonuses offered in this game can be termed as some of the best among Novomatic games. To begin with, the slot has a pretty fixed jackpot that offers players nine hundred thousand credits by matching jackpot icons on the reels.

Even so, multipliers have done the most in making this game so renowned. The coin icons that act as scatters, which in turn act as multipliers. They can multiply one’s winnings between four hundred to seven hundred and fifty times. Matching five scatter icons multiplies the gamer’s winnings by four thousand, five hundred. The highest saying multiplier is the man with the mustache. Matching five of those multiplies winnings by nine thousand times: this offers the highest payout possible in the real money version.

As with most other Novomatic slots, free spins are also offered. They are triggered by the scatters. Achieving a combination of three or more scatters makes one eligible to fifteen free spins. This bonus also carries a multiplier with it. All winnings acquired in the free spins are multiplied by three.

  • Cops and Robbers: Vegas Vacation

As is the case with numerous software developers, Novomatic is no stranger to the use of popular films as themes for some of their slots. Cops and robbers falls into this category, with its theme drawn from the 1970s show baring the same name. This five reel and forty win line slot features one of the widest betting ranges, falling between 0.40 coins to ten thousand coins for every spin. Twenty of the featured win lines are available from the beginning of the gameplay. As the player proceeds, they can expand them to up to forty.

During gameplay, gamblers receive various prizes at random for hitting winning combinations. Multipliers are the biggest bonuses offered in this slot. Two bonus rounds are also included that comes with numerous multipliers. In one, the player ha to dig for fish, and multipliers will be awarded according to the number of fish caught. In the second, one has to roll dice to determine the number of multipliers to be awarded.

The forty win lines are used in another mini-game that awards players with real money prizes. In the feature, players have the opportunity to multiply their winnings by one thousand times.

Final Remarks

Novomatic bonuses for online slots can be enjoyed by players in numerous casinos that offer the software developer’s games. Some of the best ones where they can be enjoyed in download or no download versions include:

  • Ovo Casino
  • Bet Victor Casino
  • Star Games Casino
  • Sky Vegas Casino
  • Energy Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Genting Casino, etc.

Any additional bonuses that are included in Novomatic games are dependent on the casino of choice. Players are advised to first do their homework on the various bonuses that are offered before making a definite choice. The welcome bonus, reload bonuses, and free spins offered by a casino are also crucial to the building of one’s bankroll. Some sites have been known to offer special bonuses on Novomatic slots from time to time. Bonus codes may be required for the access to such promotions.