Sports equipment has Nike; video games have PlayStation, soft drinks have Coca-Cola, while hamburgers have McDonald’s. In other words, in each industry, there are different pace setters – those that lead the way while the others learn from them. In the online casino industry, the companies have Playtech to learn from, and despite trying as much as they can to emulate this company, they can never be as good as it is in some of the key areas.

One of these key areas we are going to help you understand is the different types of Playtech Bonuses. These will cover all the areas but not limited to the Playtech Bonuses offered across the casinos powered by the company and not forgetting the Playtech Bonuses for Online Slot. But before that, let’s have a quick look at the company’s history.


Who Is Playtech?

In the simplest words, we can describe it as a company that develops online casinos and sportsbook software. The company was founded in the year 1999 in Estonia, but it wasn’t until 2001 when they were licensed to start offering its services online. This makes it one of the pioneers in the industry, which is now crowded with different companies doing the same thing.

Soon after being licensed, the company went straight ahead and powered the first ever online casino in Europe. It then embarked on a mission to solidify its presence in the iGaming market by developing innovative video slot games, which we are now able to enjoy across different Playtech Casinos.

In the year 2006, the company expanded its offerings to sports betting, and due to increased competition online, the company finally decided to diversify all of its services. This included offering poker and bingo to its already well-decorated portfolio in addition to expanding the slots portfolio. It also started offering mobile gaming services, multi-channel gaming platform, and live casino games.

Playtech Bonuses for Online Slot

The bonus features in Playtech games are where most of the creative and interactive fun of the video slot games is focused on. The game’s development is centered on getting the bonuses as we try it for free and keep us playing it for long once we have entered into it. Just as one of my friends told me, ‘Video slot games are what it is all about.’

Some of these exciting and rewarding in-game features are well received by the public that Playtech keeps introducing them into other games, frequently adding new twists and wrinkles to them. Among those popular Playtech bonuses for online slots include the following:

The Wheel Spinning Ones

Appearing in the classic form, the wheel spinning ones usually involve a mechanical wheel fixed within the video slot. This wheel is usually split into different wedges, each containing different prize amounts. During in-play, you are meant to trigger the spin, which will require you to click on a button or touch the screen to start the spin. Once the spinning wheel comes to a stop, you shall win the indicated prize money.

This used to be Playtech’s classic concept, but things now have been improved to include wheels on games’ screens and the wheels being used to select different bonuses events as well as awarding credits.

Pick’em Bonuses

They are sometimes referred to as Pick Me Bonuses or pick prize bonuses, and they’ve been a common feature in slot games since the late 90’s. In fact, Playtech and Microgaming are considered to be the companies that introduced it.

This in-game feature is usually very exciting and involves clicking or touching your screen to collect the free credits. In some cases, it could be as short as clicking once or in other instances; it could be as long as continuously clicking on the bonus event until it comes to an end.

The Free Spins Bonuses

They have become the most common in-game features in all modern video slot games. If you play any game online, there is no way you’ll fail to notice the free spins offer. As the founding father of slot development companies, Playtech also offers them though not as good as NetEnt does.

These in-game features have different functions that include increasing the game’s volatility so that you can win more, increase the amount of money you win while playing a game and increasing your chances while playing the game online by giving you more play time.

The Mystery Bonuses

This is an exceptional form of bonus offer that you’ll come across while playing Slots. Unlike the outgoing offers, it has been designed in a unique way so that it is awarded randomly as a total surprise to the player. This means it doesn’t depend on symbols to trigger it.

Journey Bonuses

Coming last in our list of Playtech bonuses for online slots is the Journey bonus. It works similar to the mystery, free spins, pick’em and wheel spinning offers but it is exceptional because it combines all the mentioned or come together to reward you.

Also referred to as map offers, you might be required to spin a wheel or roll a dice in order to proceed further into the game and in the process unlocking multipliers, free spins, mystery or the pick’em bonuses.

Playtech Casino Bonuses

It doesn’t really matter if you are a newbie or a professional in the industry, but we are certain that you’ve heard or come across the term casino bonus. It could be the ones mentioned above, but we want to be more particular with the ones offered by the different Playtech Casinos.

This free money is usually meant to attract more players to some of these Playtech powered websites, but the smart players like you can capitalize on them and get the most out of them. Not sure which ones are best suited for you? Don’t worry, read on to discover more!

Playtech Free Bonuses

They are also referred to as the no-deposit bonuses. Just as the name suggests, they are rewarded without making any deposit into your casino account, and they can be awarded in different times online. For instance, when you sign up to the casino, you might be treated to some of the nice offers. Also, the casino, from time to time might decide to award you with this bonus probably because of being a loyal player or as part of a promotion.

Regardless, they offer a good way of playing the casino games for free. The bad thing though, since the site offers them free of any charges, they might not be redeemable. Also, the maximum amount that you can receive is normally capped at €20.

The Deposit Offer

This is the complete opposite of the no deposit offer. In order to be awarded this Playtech Free Bonuses, you have to make a certain deposit as specified by the website. In some cases, it’s normally a percentage of your first deposit.

The Loyalty Offer

How loyal do you consider yourself? Or how long do you think you can stick to one product? If you are the type of person who can go years on end using one product, then this is one of the best Playtech Free Bonuses for you.

The loyalty offer is designed for those who stay true to the site, and in most cases, it can come in the form of free spins, bonus money, or cash prizes.

The Future of Playtech Bonuses

Software developers are constantly looking for new features which will help them remain relevant in the industry. This includes big brands such as Playtech, which from the outgoing has included a number of things.

However, what really seems to be working and more companies are focusing on are the different bonus rounds. They remain popular because they don’t involve so much instead they just need to add a few things to it to make it look fresh.

We are now witnessing more and more Playtech games jam-packed with a plethora of bonuses, including the ones that we’ve mentioned above. However, the big question is, where are these bonuses headed from here?

It now appears that most of the developers are now shifting their focus on delivering quality instead of quantity. While most of the video slot games online contain a number of bonus games, the rise in popularity of games such as NetEnt’s Starburst, which use very simple features, are giving some developers sleepless nights thinking about what we players want from their games.

What companies like Playtech have discovered anyway is that at the end of the day, we’ll play video slot games because we want to win. Therefore games that have more alluring bonus rounds will appeal to us more!

Claim the Playtech Bonuses at Our Recommended Casinos

All of the mentioned bonuses can easily be claimed at some of our recommended Playtech Casinos. The casinos that we recommend have been thoroughly vetted and scrutinized just to ensure they are totally safe, secure and always put your interest first. Claim the bonuses and use them to play the games offered and you could perhaps be the next lucky winner!