Bonuses are incentives offered by casinos to players in a bid to have they play at the casino. With the ever-growing number of online casinos, there is a growing need to offer incentives that will draw players to the gaming establishment. This means that the owner of the casino has to find a way to attract new players first. Once a new player has signed up at the casino, then the focus shifts from drawing the new players in, to keeping them glued to this one.

This is perhaps the reason why the welcome bonus, which is meant for new clients, needed to be accompanied by other bonuses so that the players won’t just take advantage of the welcome bonus and then leave to other casinos where they will be receiving welcome bonuses. This would probably go on until a punter exhausts all casinos that they have access to. This has other downsides too. We’ll explain them further down.

The desire to have clients come back to the casino to keep playing their favorite games is what inspired the other bonuses that are offered to players who have been with the casino for a while. One such award is the reload bonus. It is offered to clients for making subsequent deposits into the casino. The subsequent deposits are those that are made long after the first deposit has been made and rewarded.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is a common occurrence in many casinos. As stated earlier, it is offered to clients for making subsequent deposits after the very first one. For some casinos, this award begins as soon as the client makes a second, third, fourth, and fifth deposit into the house. Whenever a welcome bonus is explained where there is a percentage bonus for the subsequent deposits made, those are reload bonuses.

Reload bonuses come in percentage form. The gaming establishment will give a percentage of the amount deposited as an incentive. The amount you can receive as an incentive for is also capped. That is why you will often encounter a bonus stated as 50% for amounts up to $250. This means that you will receive 50% of any money you deposit as long as it is below $250. If you deposit $120, you will be able to stake with $180 because of the $60 you will have earned as gratuity.

Difference Between The Reload and the Welcome Bonus

Although both are incentives offered by casinos to players as a way to draw them to the gambling den, these two bonuses differ in the following ways;

  • The welcome bonus is offered to new players the first time they sign up with a casino. Reload bonus is awarded to punters that have been playing with real money at the casino for a while.
  • A welcome gratuity is offered only once. Reload bonuses, on the hand, can be given as many times as possible.
  • The reload bonus can be offered to a punter even after the first deposit – the welcome bonus.
  • The welcome bonus is usually quite lucrative. The wagering requirement is also quite high compared to that conditioned on the reload one.

Advantages of a Reload Bonuses

Why is the reload bonus important to both the gaming house and the player? You would ask. This incentive has its perks that benefit both parties. Those benefits are as follows:

  1. The reload bonus will often keep the player coming back to the casino. This is the main reason for casinos to offer this incentive. Punters coming back to play very often, and with real money, means that the gaming house will make money. The amount staked will be great for the establishment’s bottom line. Even though they offer these bonuses, they probably do not touch the amount that the casino makes by drawing players to keep playing for this award.
  2. With more money to top up the bankroll you have deposited, your winnings are increased significantly. This is because the bonus adds onto the amount you are staking and whatever winnings you get from betting with that amount, will be more than would be the case if the only amount you would be playing with is the amount you have deposited.
  3. The offer means extra play time. With extra bankroll to go on, the amount of time that you would have spent playing with your bankroll is increased because of the increased bankroll. This is an opportunity to play more and enjoy your favorite game without worrying too much about the time being cut short.
  4. The more you play at a site, the more you familiar you become with the site’s games and their terms of operation. With the increasing familiarity, you realize that you start winning more regularly because you know your way around the casino, and know how to get the best of any game you take on.

How to Qualify for Reload Bonuses

Not everybody gets a shot at this lucrative prize. To be eligible for this bonus, your status at the casino will need to be reviewed. This is especially true if the casino does not award reload bonuses to all its repeat members, but instead, to specific people. To qualify for this incentive, the following factors need to match, although as previously stated, the terms of operation and the members offered the offer vary from place to place.

  • The reload bonus can be offered by the house to the player. The casino may decide to reward a punter based because they play at the establishment with real money. Because of your constant reload as you play, the house may feel the need to appreciate you for your unwavering support.
  • The offer can also be made if you have not played at the casino in a while. The bonus will be offered in order to jump-start activity from your account to the casino. With this offer, their hope is usually that you will feel appreciated and start wagering with the casino. This has happened quite often hence their resolve to reward punters who are inactive once in awhile. The mail usually comes with the phrase, “re-activate your account”.
  • You can also claim a reload bonus. Once you have been playing at the casino for a while, constantly staking real money into the account, you can write to the casino and ask for it. Technically, you have earned it. Remember, the more you stake, the higher your chances of receiving a reload bonus. This also gives you the confidence to ask for an incentive. You have spent money here after all.

Remember, to fully enjoy the bonuses, you must enjoy playing there. This is the only way that you will truly enjoy the incentives offered, spend your gambling bankroll at the casino, and have the motivation to go at the games with the intention of winning. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning because you have already familiarized yourself with the establishment.

Terms and Conditions

While incentives are great and often welcomed, they are not just given without attachment. Nothing is absolutely free. There are conditions attached to the reload bonuses as well. These will always be stated in the Terms and Conditions. Information like the wagering requirement, it’s validity as well as whether you can cash out your bonus or not will always be well detailed in the Terms & Conditions section. It is for this reason that you are required to go through them even if they are such mood killers. Reading the T&C will prepare you well for the consequences of your taking the bonus.

Reload bonuses are an ingenious idea. Players appreciate establishments that appreciate them. Rewarding players for playing at an establishment will get them hooked. This hooked, however, may not be the best outcome out of a player that has other responsibilities. It’s for this reason that players need to control the amount of time and money they put into gambling, whether it comes with free cash or not. Also importantly, check on the other factors that make a good gaming house. There is no point of playing at a casino that will rob you. And all for some free moolah.