You don’t have to have been around the online casino scene for a long time to come to a realization that free cash and bonus money have become a standard fare at the online casino portals. Any website that deserves your time and attention should be in a position to offer you free spins on some if not all of the payment methods that you choose to use when making a deposit at the casino.

Wise players will, of course, tell you by using the free money; you can easily make a living out of playing different casino games free of any risks. How? Well, that’s another topic that we’ll discuss on another day. In the meantime, we are going to look at one of the most popular forms of bonus at the online casinos – the Skrill Bonuses.

This guide focuses on the different forms of bonuses and tries to explain how every player’s online casino receive it hustle free.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill is by far one of the most used payment methods online, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most used eWallet payment methods at the different online casino websites. It was initially referred to as MoneyBookers, but with the growth of the company, the name was changed to Skrill.

Knowing this, most of the casino portals have designed their websites to integrate it as a method of payment offering bettors their dream of playing at a Skrill friendly casino.

Top online casino brands are well aware that different online payment methods are the future and thus bettors looking for a payment method that’s fast, safe and secure can count on Skrill for it to work. You’ll be pleased to know that in some casinos, they even have special promotions for players who choose to deposit using Skrill as a payment method.

What Are the Best Bonuses for Online Slots Games?

The online casino industry is filled with different sets of Skrill Bonuses. Thanks to these bonuses, you can now play free of any charges even when you don’t have enough funds to keep you going. Furthermore, thanks to the free money, you can play real money games and win real cash in the process. To keep you in the loop for the best Skrill bonuses for online slots games, we have a list prepared for you.

The Welcome Offer

Online casinos have taken pampering to a whole new level. They want their players to enter into the winning mode right from the word go thanks to Skrill Bonuses such as the welcome bonus. This free cash is offered to you as soon as you sign up online and for those new players who are still new to the online casino scene, you’ll see it indicated as a percentage of a certain amount.

For example, Betat Casino has a Skrill Bonus of 100% on your first deposit until a maximum of €700. This means to qualify for this offer, you have to make an initial deposit of €350, and the casino will match it with an extra €350 to give you a total of €700.

You can use this free money to play any slot game of your choice, which has a 100% contribution towards the wagering requirement.

Deposit Offer

This is straightforward and self-explanatory. The deposit bonus simply refers to the free cash that you are awarded once you make a deposit using Skrill. It could be a welcome offer or simply a promotion that comes with the casino’s reward program.

The Loyalty Offer

Do you consider yourself loyal? If so, you are in luck! In this world, loyal people have become so hard to find. Most of the people will be your friend or will want to continue using something as long as it benefits them. It’s human nature and completely understandable.

However, there are those people who will stick with you or product through thick and thin. There are those players who will pledge their allegiance to a certain casino and will grow with the casino through years.

To ensure such players are rewarded bountifully, Skrill Casinos will come with the loyalty offer that they can receive through different ways – one of which being through Skrill. This is why we refer to it as a loyalty offer.

Cashback Bonus

This is a refund that comes in the form of bonus money or in other instances real money that the casino will give if you use this eWallet as a payment method or if you lose some of your bets. Usually, the cashback will come in the form of a percentage of your net loss or deposit.

For instance, the Skrill Casino will offer you a 10% cashback on the net loss of €100 or a cashback of 10% if you make an initial deposit of €200. For you as a player, you’ll receive €10 on the loss or €20 if you use the mentioned payment method.

Reload Bonus

This is yet another straightforward bonus offer, which ensures you are rewarded with free money immediately you use Skrill as a payment method to make a reload. It also comes as a certain percentage of the amount you top up – just like the welcome bonus.

Free Spins

This is the most relevant Skrill bonuses for online slots games. Why? Because as soon as you’ve made your deposit using this payment method, you’ll be awarded free spins which you can use to play the specified casino game.

If you decide to play online, there are plenty of other promotions which you’ll come across as the different online casino websites have varying promotions. To ensure you have the best, look for a site that has a large player base and is internationally renowned.

Features to Watch out for in the Free Bonuses

As much as the Skrill Casinos promise you plenty of bonuses, there are so many things that you need to watch out for. These ‘things’ are part of the different terms and conditions set by the different casinos. Some of the terms and conditions that you should be well aware of include the following.

Cashable vs. Non-cashable Offers

Offers are generally categorized as cashable or non-cashable. What this means is you can withdraw or redeem the cashable ones in the form of real money. This is, however, after you have met the set wagering requirement.

On the other hand, non-cashable ones are those which you can only use at the casino. These bonuses are usually game specific, and you can only use them on the specified game. For example, you can only use the €20 to play Starburst Video Slot.

Wagering Requirement

This requirement mostly applies to the cashable offer. Wagering requirement simply refers to the amount you need to spend in real money before you can actually withdraw your winnings and free money. Across all websites, this amount is indicated by a value followed by the × symbol.

For instance, at Betat Casino you’ll be offered a €500 bankroll boost with a 30× wagering requirement. This means you have to spend up to €1500 before you can withdraw the money and any winnings resulting from the bonus.

Game Contribution

Game contribution plays a very important role in helping you choose the right game for you. How? Different games have different contribution rates. Slots, for instance, have a 100% contribution rate towards the wagering requirement. Table and Card games will usually have a contribution of 10% while other games will have zero contribution.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the best games with no downloads required are video slots because they will help you meet the wagering requirement faster.

How Do You Use Skrill to Receive the Mentioned Bonuses?

The services offered by Skrill as a method of payment offer bettors an extensive range of choice as far as payment options are concerned. Bettors have total control over the eWallet account from the payment option in the respective Skrill Casino. In order to receive this bonus, you, however, need to ensure you have funds in your Skrill eWallet. How do you deposit?

You’ll have to log into your account, link one of your credit/debit cards, choose the amount you wish to top up and boom you are ready to transact from the casino. If you don’t have an account, you will want to visit to sign up.

Once you’ve topped up, the next step will be to log into your Casino account, under the payment option, you choose Skrill. Enter your email address and password and finally authorize the transaction to complete the transaction.

In most cases, if it’s a subsequent promotion or offer, you might be required to use a bonus code in order to receive the Skrill Free Bonuses. There’s a field just below the deposit field that requires to be filled in order to receive the bonus.

Does Using Skrill Guarantee You a Bonus?

As far as the Skrill Bonuses are concerned, it all depends on the online casino you visit. While other sites have different promotional offers to encourage more and more players to use this method, there are those that don’t have any attached to it. Also, as experienced players, we did notice some websites exclude certain bonuses – such as the welcome bonus – from players who choose to use Skrill as a method of payment.

Our advice, therefore, is to ensure you go through the promotions terms and conditions just to warrant you this payment method is supported.

How About Safety? Does Skrill Guarantee the Safety of My Cards?

Skrill is just one of the few online payment methods under the Paysafe Holdings UK Limited – a brand that has a reputation for offering safe, secure and exemplary online payment services. You can, therefore, expect all your financial and payment details are safe and secure whenever!

Can You Receive the Skrill Bonuses When Using Your Mobile?

The mobile platform is the future of online casinos. It’s expected in a few years, more than 70% of all bettors shall be using their mobile devices to play across different mobile casinos. It’s for this reason that most websites are including mobile services to their platform – including the use of Skrill – so as to ensure players continue enjoying a seamless gaming experience.