With the popularity of online casinos, more and more players are joining the community with each passing day. These players are in search of thrill and excitement combined with great winning odds to make sure that their time online is worth it. To hold the attention of these discerning players, online casinos today offer various bonus features.

Casinos commonly offer the following 2 types of bonuses for slot games:

  • No Deposit Bonuses – No Deposit bonuses imply that you need not sign up with any casino by paying any cash up-front to take advantage of the bonus they offer. These are relatively newer to the online casino gaming scenario and players who just want a taste of the gameplay without committing to a particular casino often prefer these types of bonuses. Free bonus rounds and free spins are the types of bonuses which are offered to players as no deposit bonuses. A bonus game or bonus round unlocks during the regular gameplay after you have spun a certain combination of a symbol on the reels. Video Slots or 3D slots are the pioneers of these bonus games, which are often represented as mini-games featuring video parts with storylines following the game’s plot and theme.
  • Post Deposit Bonuses – These types of bonuses are given to the players with the aim of ensuring their continued patronage to the online casino. For example, a casino may offer a 100% deposit bonus for the first three deposits with a maximum limit of say £1000 and then switch to a reload bonus of 25% after the third deposit to ensure that player keeps on playing or is attracted to come back to the game if they have been away for a while.

Slots or Slot machines are one of the most simple, yet engaging casino games which continue to be a crowd puller till date. The online version of this addictive game is an extension of this avatar with numerous added features and customized fun themes which promise to keep the player engaged all along. The modern day online slots have evolved from the slot machine invented back in 1887, by an American named Charles Fey. It was a relatively simple machine, which featured just three reels and 5 symbols, a Liberty Bell, a horseshoe, a heart, a diamond and a spade. Due to the symbol of the liberty bell, this machine came to be known as the Liberty Bell Machine. Some gaming historians put the origins of the modern slots machine to a device developed in 1891 by 2 men named Sittman and Pitt which featured 50 cards on 5 spinning drums, thus displaying a five card poker hand on each spin. The better the hand displayed, the more a player could win. a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. The machine paid off in accordance with to patterns of symbols visible on the front. Whatever the origin may be, both of these versions played a major role in popularizing the casino game all over the world, so much so that only slot machines constitute around 70% of the average USA casino’s income today. Its popularity has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and slots is now one of the favorite casino games across the UK and other European nations. The slot machines have now become a regular fixture in bars, saloons and other recreational avenues permitting gaming besides casinos.

Modern day online casinos have taken the popularity of slots to astronomic levels by introducing various customizations and variations of the game-play. With visual graphics improving by the hour, online casinos today create an immersive audio-visual experience for the player and ensure that they enjoy the time they spend logged on to your website. Slots today are responsible for the majority of revenue for online casinos as well, with game vendors and casinos introducing games with themes based on pop-culture, innovative game-play options, and attractive bonuses, all of which aim to keep the discerning player hooked in and interested.

A Few Amazing Bonus Offers

Interested players will find a gamut of bonuses and attractive features awaiting them when they sign up with any casino to play online slots. Let us take a look at some of these bonus offers: –

Betat Casino offers you attractive bonuses on its Jimi Hendrix slot game. Using the code HENDRIX100 on a deposit of GBP 20 or more to join in, you are immediately credited with 100 free spins, which ensure that you have the best gaming experience with Betat.

Slotty Vegas Casino is another well-known casino which offers you attractive slot bonus options. On its Slot games, you get a signup bonus of GBP 500, in addition to 50 free spins!

CasinoJefe offers you free spins as part of its First Deposit Free Spins Package. Deposits can be made in from of 25 GBP, 50 GBP, 100 GBP, 300 GBP amounts, for which you get 20, 60, 74 and 88 free spins respectively. Initial Deposits have a WR of 5X and all your free spin winning are wager free! This offer does not require you to enter any coupon codes and can be directly redeemed from the website.

Quasar Gaming offers you a GBP 300 bonus which is valid for 30 days. Once you reach the bonus wagering requirements, the bonus is converted into real money. If the conversion balance is higher than the original bonus amount, the maximum real money credit is 5 times the bonus amount. Quasar also offers you 100% bonus as a percentage of its deposit. This is also a signup bonus and you need no coupon codes to avail this attractive bonus.

Slot Bonuses – Fun and Earn

Today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle do not allow a casual gambler or gamer to visit his favorite gambling joint on a regular basis to enjoy a few spins of the wheel. Online casinos not only offer players the comfort to unwind from the comfort of their home but also offer them attractive bonuses as described above, which benefit the players and the casinos both in the long run. These features are available on nodownload games, thus saving players from unnecessary hassle, while at the same time giving them the chance to earn realmoney. We hope you find the above information on slots bonuses helpful.