Gambling game tournaments are famous in both land-based and online casino play and are most commonly associated with online poker and slot machines. The best thing about them is that they are fun since you are not alone in the gameplay; the goal is to compete with multiple players. This adds more fun to, for example, slot games which are known to be a more solitary experience. Of course, players attend these competitions not only to beat other players but because often there is an enormous, attractive price reward featured. In most cases, tournaments require casino users to register and accept terms and conditions.


Types of Tournament Bonuses

  • Sit and Go Tournaments – For the difference of the event mentioned above, this one is not scheduled but starts once enough players have signed up for it. This is recommended for those who are visiting their online casino almost every day and are ready to wait for the tournament.
  • Scheduled Tournaments – These are mostly not free tournament bonuses. They are, as the title says, scheduled for a particular period and a customer should pay a fee to compete. Casinos reveal the prize pool before the start of the event.
  • Extender Tournaments – To extend the play in the middle of the competition, players use extenders – the credits given when you press the “continue” button and pay for more of them.
  • One-Shot Tournaments – This is a simple, fast-paced event with only one round, and that who wins earns the whole prize.
  • Reloader Tournaments – Reloader stands for the action of casino providing you with multiple chances to progress and move up the competing leaderboard. This one is considered the match of chance, entirely depending on your luck.
  • Survivor Tournaments – These type of bonuses are ideal for those who love the excitement of actual competition. Just as the title indicates, a player who “survives” and reaches the end of the tournament is the one winning the fund. There are usually more rounds, and after each one is finished, less and fewer players stay in the game.

Tournament Bonuses: How They Work

The formats of matches range, but the usual way they work is that you invest some money unless they are free, no deposit tournament bonuses. After this, you are given some amount of credits as well as a strict time to play the bonus games. The winner of the competition is a player who has the most credits remaining at the end and is at the top of the leaderboard. It is not uncommon for several players to share the first place and take the same prize. The award is mostly given in the form of money, as a big payment, but in some cases, casinos can even reward you with a fancy new car or similar product.

Feeder tournament events are a qualifying competition for something bigger to come, often titles “splash”, and with even greater prizes as a result. Another way match bonuses work is by a prize accumulator. It is similar to a progressive jackpot system – those who enter it and give their money to compete contribute to the big pot of this event, and sometimes, it can reach incredible amounts. Rules are not always the same; they differ from one tournament and one casino to another, therefore, be sure to read instructions first.