Casino Live Dealer Bonuses

24 Sep 2018

Within the current advancement of technology, the gaming industry has taken another course. The live casinos are gradually overtaking the location-based casinos. The industry has become very competitive, and the easiest way to entice players has been to offer them with promotions and bonuses. Some of the developments in the live casinos include:

  • Improved slot machines
  • Higher casino bonuses
  • Freedom of gambling

Players enjoy an advanced gaming ambiance which makes the exercise a fan moment and helps them earn multiple promotions.  You can as well win a jackpot through these rewards. Additionally, the online casinos offer a variety of casino games which have the following sub-divisions.

  • Live dealer casino games
  • Virtual casino games

These games are offered in the online casinos which are in the following sub-groups.

  • Download-based online casinos
  • Web-based online casinos
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Live gaming has taken off well in the past few years that the option has been offered in online casinos. Gambling destinations have also taken to encouraging players to engage in the sets by providing various bonuses and promotions that are dedicated to their play. Here, live dealer enthusiasts are welcomed with 100% match reward that can go one hundred euros or pounds as its maximum.

The conditions of claiming and using these bonus are:

  • Players must be first-time visitors and hail from Ireland or the United Kingdom
  • The highest amount that can be accorded amounts to one hundred pounds or euros
  • The bonus is limited for use in the live dealer section of Paddy Power
  • A playthrough requirement of fifty times has to be met before withdrawal requests can be granted to players
  • A minimum deposit of twenty pounds activates the offer.

In this casino, customers are offered famous table games in the live dealer section to use this offer. Some of these sets include blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat.

In Brief

It should be noted that Paddy Power welcome bonus cannot be activated when deposits are made using eWallet options. Accordingly, gamers are advised to choose from the array of other options.

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What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

These online games have a live dealer facilitates the game in real time which is done through a live video link; and no download is required. The players communicate with the dealer through live chats. These games are quite expensive for casinos to host since it requires substantial investment in the advanced technology. For this reason, casinos such as those in the UK only offer a few favorite games in this mode which include:

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo
  • Blackjack

Live Dealer Bonuses

The live dealer games are accompanied by some bonuses to win the gamblers in the play. All types of casinos have embraced issuing of bonuses and promotions to manage to operate in the current competitive gambling industry. In essence, they have a list of gifts as discussed below, which they award their affiliates that meet the required condition for each.

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Match bonuses
  • High roller rewards
  • Refer-a-friend
  • Multiple deposit bonuses

Welcome bonuses

The welcome gifts are sometimes referred to as no deposit bonuses. The casinos find it fit to encourage new players to join the betting industry. Therefore, they have individual prizes that they give to all players who get to sign up through their websites. For no deposit bonuses, you sign up for free. Sometimes, you may get some free spins, e.g., five free spins which you may use to have a few wagers. The advantage of this bonus is that a player is not at the risk of losing their money.

The casinos allow the new players to try their luck for free. As a new player, it is wise to grab this chance to practice betting. You are likely to win using the free spins which may help you to gamble a little more and acquire more payouts.

Loyalty points

The live casinos highly regard their esteemed customers who maintain a good relationship with them by visiting them regularly. They do this by offering the player some points that correspond to the amount s/he has used to bet for real money. After the gambler accumulates a given amount, s/he may exchange the points for cash.

Loyalty rewards are awarded weekly, monthly or daily. You claim your points therefore if you have reached a specific target which is set by the casino. Most of the players who get this type of bonus have gained lots of experience, and therefore they receive a high payout, both from the rewards and successful winning in the bets.

The Points correspond to the amount you place in the bet. For example, some games give 1 point to 20 credits. You should research on the variations of awards in each game before placing your wagers.

Match Bonus

These rewards are popular in most online casino games. Here, a new player is given a gift that corresponds to the amount of deposit s/he has made to the casino. However, the casinos set some limits to the maximum amount of bonus that one can receive. Here are some examples of deposits with their corresponding match bonus.

  • $200 deposit $200 bonus
  • $300 deposit $300 bonus
  • $400 deposit $400 bonus

It is important to note that there are no immediate withdrawals that you can make from these bonuses. The bonuses will help you to start betting on the machine immediately. To be able to withdraw the cash bonus, you have to fulfill a specific bet condition that is set by the casino. The condition expects the gambler to meet a certain number of bets before being allowed to withdraw the money.

Higher Roller Rewards

These bonuses are specific to the experienced gamblers who aggressively bet using large amounts of money. They bet using real money and deposit without fearing anything since they have significant knowledge on how the betting system works.

The players who qualify for these gifts must meet the minimum deposit requirement. The deposit conditions vary from casino to casino. Some casinos have a minimum deposit of $500 while others have set a minimum of $1,000. These players benefit from huge payouts and bonuses.

In some casinos, they usually use a particular area where they enjoy outstanding customer care services. At times the bonuses are referred to as VIP rewards.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

The bonuses are pretty impressive since they are available to all existing players of the gaming house. For one to receive them, you are required to refer someone else who has reached the legal age of 18 years. When the player makes the first deposit to the casino after signing up, a specific percentage of the money is accredited to your account.

There are no limitations set for the number of people you can refer to the casino. Therefore, you can invite as many people as possible to increase the payout every time. Conversely, the casino is never in the business of losing money to its affiliates. This is a unique method of advertising its services to the public in a more efficient way since it is cost-effective.

Multiple Deposit Bonuses

These gifts are prevalent in the live dealer casinos. After making the first deposit, the casino may award you with 100% bonus depending on the conditions that are set. In the second deposit, you may get still 100% reward until the fourth deposit.  Here is an illustration of this type of reward.

  • 1st deposit $100 $100 bonus
  • 2nd deposit $200 $200 bonus
  • 3rd deposit $300 $300 bonus
  • 4th deposit $400 $400 bonus

The multiple deposits are individual to a particular gambling den. You should, therefore, check the offers before wagering with real money.

In Brief

Live dealer casinos are the best types of casinos for the young players. They offer a real-time experience which is very exciting. Unlike other types of casinos, there is a live dealer who streams in real time. A player can, therefore, get any form of assistance through live chats.

Although these types of casinos are advanced and unique, you should always remember that all casinos have a similar goal. They are all businesses which are in search of money through their affiliates. Therefore, although there are handsome winnings and bonuses, they always have a way of getting something from you. You should be very careful on the wagering conditions that are set, for you to enjoy the exercise to the maximum.