Privacy Policy

24 Sep 2018

Our privacy policy is meant to explain how the information provided to us through your email or any other channel is going to be used by Casino Bonus Promotions as the operator of the services and a data collector.

We are bound by laws to act professionally when it comes to management and processing of your personal information. We highly recommend that you read the privacy policy below carefully and by subscribing to our email list or use our services, you accept and agree to the policy written below and agree to us using your personal information as written in the Privacy Policy.

Data Collected and How It Is Used

‘Personal Information’ refers to any information about you that you can use to be identified with including your phone number, date of birth, email address, home address, and name. It also includes details on which sites you visit from our website.

We collect all personal data once you subscribe to our email listings alongside other useful information that we believe will help us offer better services to you, in addition to communicating with you.

The information that we collect is normally used to realize our contractual obligations to you, not forgetting the following purposes:

  • Complying with all the regulatory and legal obligations.
  • Ensuring that we have an accurate reader profile.
  • Preparing statistics that we use to offer efficient services.
  • Sending you the latest promotions and offers (but only for those who opt in it).

Retention of Your Personal Data

It’s our policy to retain your personal details for at least 1 year after you unsubscribe from our services.

Cookies Policy

Our platform ( uses cookies to ensure that we deliver a better and more personalized service to all our readers. There are different reasons why we use cookies on our website, and they include but not limited to:

  • Allow you to easily access our website.
  • Prevent fraudulent services and generally safeguard privacy.
  • Monitor and collect all the information that we deem useful to ensure that you have a smooth time at our website.