This term is related for almost every online video casino slot machine. If a bettor gets the free rounds, that can’t be bad, right? Even if a player doesn’t know what it means it sounds good. Well, that’s exactly what it is. It’s some kind of bonus that a gamer can use while he is playing his favorite gambling machine. Different pokies have all kind of extra bonuses to attract players. There is no actual explanation or a single definition for the casino free spins. There are many types of bonus turns, and also many ways to obtained them.


How to Get Extra Rounds?

Many games provide this option. Most of the gaming machines can offer this feature to bettors in both modes, for free or for the real money. Here are couple ways to activate these extra turns:

  • Play with the maximum stakes, because some extra bonus rounds can be triggered only if a game is played with the highest wager.
  • Find the special cards. These icons are usually called the “Wild” symbols. They are easily recognizable by the different look from all other signs.
  • Try to collect special icons as much as possible. The more free spin symbols a bettor gains, the higher is the prize, or in some cases the multiplier.
  • Some games provide an option for re-triggering bonus turns. A player needs to collect more special symbols while the extra spin feature is active. Sometimes, the re-triggering number is limited, and in some cases, it can go infinitely.
  • If a gambler wants to visit free spins no deposit casinos, he should definitely check out some of the popular betting places in the UK. They are offering free spin bonuses which a gamer can use after the finished registration with no download required.

Before a gambler starts his play, he should check the “Paytable” window. In there, a player can see all the special signs and bonuses. In some slot games, the highest payout can be won if 5 free spin signs are gathered for a single spin. Players can get no deposit free spins if they have some kind of promotion which they can use, or even if they are playing for free in the fun mode.

Can Free Turns Increase the Odds?

The biggest chances in almost all online video slots can be obtained by playing more rounds. Winning odds are not influenced by the playing frequency or deposit value. But the number of rounds that a gamer plays is certainly a gaming parameter that can increase the winning possibilities. The math is simple. When a gamer triggers some of the free spins, he gains extra rounds, that are as it is said for free, so this way the number of possible winning combinations is increased by every additional round. The best scoring odds can be gained if a bettor re-triggers special features couple of time and gets the maximum number of bonus turns.

Types of Special Extra Spins

The most common is the “Wild” card symbol bonus. It is very simple. A bettor needs to find these icons that are scattered all across the playing table. There is a certain number of symbols that need to be found, and after that, a player can activate the “Free Spin Bonus”. These wild symbols can also be stacked which will additionally increase the odds of getting more extra rounds and chances to score some mega prizes.

Bonus turns can also be won in some kind of special game, like the wheel of fortune. In this feature a goal is to get the maximum number of spins, and in some games the multiplier will be determined as well.

Another way to get more winning chances is to unlock some of the special features by collecting the “Scatter” cards. This icon is usually used for triggering some sort of bonus play. There are lots of types of scatter levels and is some of them a bettor can click on objects, pop some balloons, climb the ladders and so on. During this additional level, a gambler will often gain more free spins depending on the type of a scatter game.

Won’ a Free Spin?

This bonus rounds can be won in almost any online video casino slot machine. Pokie developers are trying their best to attract players and let them have the smooth and easy play. And what can be better than some additional turns with no deposit needed? When a gambler is choosing his favorite game, there are some good chances that the winning odds will prevail in his selection. Beside RTP, this is probably the second most important thing when choosing your new popular online slot. Of course, everyone has their own taste, but in the most cases, players will pick a pokie with the highest winning odds.