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3 Common Mistakes Slot Players Make

06 Jul 2019

Online slots are one of the most played casino machines these days. They are fun and easy to learn. Game developers are constantly creating new and interesting features that they infuse to attract gamblers. Pokies are complex machines that are based on multiple mathematical calculations. There are many types of slot games. Bettors can enjoy in many categories depending on their taste like:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • 3-D
  • Spooky
  • Adventure
  • 3 reels, 5 reels, etc.
  • Progressive and many other

3 Common Mistakes Slot Players Make IllustrationThey all work on the same principle, and one thing that is in common for all slots is that they are games of chances. Some have a better graphic design, other bigger prizes, but in the end, it’s all up to luck and odds. Rules of pokies are not hard to master. There are many variations and different features that a player can find while he/she spins the wheel of luck, but with a basic knowledge of rules, any pokie can get you a winning hand in no time.

Pokie Rules

Every slot machine has the same goal, and that is to create a winning line using offered symbols, in most cases looking from left to right. Some games are simple and have only basic symbols with a determined strength, but the biggest majority possesses some kind of bonus signs. These extra symbols are usually wild and scatter cards. Gamers can use many benefits from slots, like entering into a gambling room, playing bonus levels, earning free cash, etc. Before any gambler decides to spins the wheel of fortune, he/she should always check out all the information related to rules, symbols and betting settings, which can be found on the “Paytable” section. Every player has a different playing strategy. Some are based on odds, and others on pure luck.

Don’t Rush With a Game Choice

The biggest mistake that bettors usually make happens before even placing the bets. Professional gamblers know what games can provide bigger odds of scoring, so they take their time to do a little research. There are plenty of review lists with online slots from multiple developers. Read about the odds and features before start betting. Here are some of the important tasks that should be checked when picking a favorite online casino slot machine:

  1. RTP of a game. The theoretical return to a player is a very important information, that can give a gambler a small advantage when betting. Choose a slot with higher RTP to increase the odds of success with just one simple move. Most online casinos provide this percentage on their homepage.
  2. Don’t just choose the first game that is offered. Read about the slot rules and features.
  3. Check out the game developer. This is another simple task that every gambler can do in just a few seconds. If a slot was made by some of the most popular game developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and others, a player can be sure that those games are fair. Fairness is another important task, which guarantees that slot is checked and approved to be fair, meaning that all bettors will have the same chances while gambling.
  4. Some online casinos offer special promotions for certain slot machines. Don’t miss any opportunity to earn some easy free cash.

Picking a right game can actually make a difference between getting a positive score and losing big money. It takes only a little to do a research, and after that, bettors can enjoy betting, and if lucky, gain some big cash prizes.

Check out the Free Version

3 Common Mistakes Slot Players Make IllustrationThese days almost every casino game can be tried in two versions, for free in a fun mode and for the real money. To be able to play for real cash, a gambler needs to create an account and to deliver validation documents to complete the registrations process. This is only possible for bettors above 18 years old. One of the most common mistakes that gamblers made is that they don’t try a game before they place their bets. If you already decided which slot he/she is going to play, don’t infuse cash right away. Find a free version of that pokie and give it a few spins. This way, a gambler can see how a game works. He/she can make a fast betting strategy just by spinning few rounds for free. By trying a fun mode, a gambler can check out all the bonus features and winning possibilities. Most of the online casinos offer both versions to its players, so don’t rush it. After seeing all the possibilities it will be much easier to bet.

 The Right Playing Strategy

Game producers are using the RNG (random number generator) program to give every slot a touch of randomness. This program takes care that every casino machine will provide all payouts totally randomly. This means that if a gambler scores a big jackpot reward in a certain slot machine, the odds of repeating that again will be the same as the first time. Experience players know that this is just a game of luck and chances, but with a right strategy implementation, scoring chances can be enhanced dramatically. Lots of bettors just make a few adjustments in a setting menu and spin the wheel. This is definitively not the way to spin any wheel of fortune if a player wants to gain the maximum scoring chances. Here are some of the most common mistakes that gamblers do when playing online casino slot machines without any strategy:

  • Playing with a lower number of pay lines. This is a mistake that can really influence the outcome of a game. When bettors are gambling with the maximum number of lines they are increasing their odds multiple times. The math is simple. More lines will allow a gamer to create more winning combinations. Another important thing is that bettors in most cases won’t be qualified for the progressive jackpot rewards if they are not gambling with the maximum line set up. Jackpot rewards could be life-changing, so don’t miss them.
  • Stake adjustment is something that gamers learn through time and experience. Every slot has its own stake menu, where a player can increase and decrease the stakes. When bettors set the stakes to lower values they cannot win some of the highest payouts in a game. But on the other hand, all players should be aware of their betting budget. There is no point of setting the stakes to the maximum if a gambler can spin the wheel only a few times. Choose a slot that fits your budget so that bets can be set to the higher values.
  • There are some gamers that like to play classic slots with no bonuses or extra features but they should know that slot machines which possess some kind of bonus can increase the winning chances more. There are many games with free spin All that bettors need to do is to gather scatter signs, and by doing that, they can trigger the extra spin feature. The reason why bonus spins are so important is simple. They will provide more rounds. All experienced gamblers know that the more they spin the wheel of luck, the higher are the chances that a big jackpot reward can appear.

Play Like a Pro

Every gambler can follow these instructions and spin the wheel like a professional gambler. Don’t make mistakes that can cost you scoring some big cash prizes while playing online casino slot games. They are fun to play, and with a decent betting strategy and a portion of the patient, every gambler can score. In the end, casino slots are games of luck, so fortune can sometimes bring more money to a beginner than to a pro gamer.