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What Benefits Do You Get When Using Free Spins

06 Jul 2019

The free spin bonus is a promotion usually for new players. It is a great way for visitors at the online casinos to get started, try out some new games and gain extra cash. Obtaining free spins is usually pretty easy. On most of the sites, bettors are given free spins just for signing-up at the website. After a gamer makes an account at the online betting house, extra rounds will be placed to his/her account. While spinning the reel, players can win different kinds of rewards, from real cash to bonus money or even extra rounds at one of the video slot games on the website. Free betting is very attractive among gamers because it provides lots of winning chances, and can increase players scoring odds dramatically. Many online casinos provide these additional turns in a matter of welcome bonuses and special promotions. There are also in-game free spins that can change the luck in just a few spins creating multiple winning chances in no time.What Benefits Do You Get When Using Free Spins

In-Game and Welcome Promotions Extra Round Benefits

Bettors can use two types of free spins. The first one is bonus turns that can be claimed through welcome promotions. After a player creates an account and finish the validations process, he/she can freely deposit cash, and for doing that, some casinos offer special promotions with additional turns. They are usually gained upon depositing a certain cash amount for the first time, but there are also no deposit free spins that bettors can win. In-game free rounds are special turns that can be won through special promotions that most of the slot and other casino machines possess. They are usually gained by collecting 3 or more scatter symbols. This will guarantee that a player will get a determined amount of additional rounds with no investment needed.Here are some of the biggest benefits of using these extra turns:

  • The main reason why some bettors win more money is that they are aware of some of the basic game tips like spinning the wheel more. This can be used as an advantage with free spins that a gambler obtained. When extra rounds are used, a player will have more spins, meaning that the wheel of fortune will be spun for a longer period. The more bettors spin the wheel, the bigger are the odds that in some moment a big cash reward combination will emerge. This is one of the biggest advantages using bonus rounds.
  • Bettors can spin the wheel for free with no bet placement while extra spins are on. This can be used in several ways. Gamblers can check out new games that they never tried before with free money.
  • When players can spin the wheel for free, this allows them to be more aggressive when betting. No money from their own pocket will be spent, so bettors can try to score some of the biggest payouts. But most of the free spinning is played with the same stakes and lines that started this feature, and players should keep that in mind when making their betting strategy.
  • One more benefit from using extra rounds is the constant opportunity to win a jackpot real money cash prize for free. Jackpot reward can appear at any moment, and every gambler will have the same chances to gain it. Players who gamble longer will have a slight advantage because rolling the wheel more can provide bigger odds of success.What Benefits Do You Get When Using Free Spins
  • When the free round special feature is on, gamblers can re-trigger it if they collect more scatter icons again. Some casino machines can be re-activated multiple times and in some cases even unlimited. Every gambling strategy is based on a simple rule, and that is to gamble as long as possible. This conditions can be easily fulfilled with the free round re-triggering opportunity.
  • Free rounds can provide one more big benefit and that is to play more relaxed. Gamblers are not infusing their own cash when spinning the wheel for free, meaning that they can gamble with no pressure or a big risk. Just pick a casino place that suits you, connect to the internet device (PC, mobile, tablet), and enjoy in some extra rounds that can bring even more money.

Extra Round Conditions

There are different terms and conditions players should know about obtaining rewards they get from the free spins. Some will give users a chance to win real cash. That means that money will be moved to a player’s account after he/she is finished using all of the free spins. This money can then be withdrawn or used freely anywhere at the online casino. Bettors should pay attention to following things when using free rounds at their favorite online betting platform:

  • Not all gamblers will have the same bonus conditions. Players from some areas have limited or restricted terms for using free spins. The most common case is where a player is betting from a country with gambling limitations. This can make obtaining extra rounds much harder because of the more strict wagering requirements.
  • Not all games possess the same game contribution. Gamers should always check this information when they are using bonus rounds from a welcome package.
  • Extra rounds can be fully used only when stakes and number of lines are set to the highest value. This is a basic tip for every gambler, but most players don’t use this to their advantage. The math is simple. The higher are the bets, the more money prizes can be won when a free round feature is triggered. This is a little risky because bettors need to gamble with higher stakes at the begging, but this can really pay out later when a gambler gains 20 or more extra rounds with the same wager.
  • Always try to win free spins. A player should know that there are multiple ways of claiming bonus turns. This can be bonus welcome promotions, typing a promo code, in-game extra feature, bonus for playing with a certain device, etc. They all provide the same benefit, playing few rounds for free.

Bonus rounds are not only there for new players. There are promotional spins that gamblers get through entering promo codes or just logging into their accounts. Online casinos may also reward their players with extra turns if there is a special occasion to do so; an anniversary or a new game coming out.

Who Can Use Free Spins?

Most of the betting machines are offered to bettors in two versions. The free mode is made for fun, and every gambler can feel free to check any game he/she wants for free. The second mode is for more serious bettors and can be only played for real money. Don’t get this mixed up. Real cash gambling offers free rounds, but this version is for the real money and it is available only for bettors who are above 18 years old. So every gambler who finish the registrations process is allowed to use these extra turns (the main conditions to complete the registration process is that a gambler must be 18+). Use these special bonus spins as much as possible they can pay out multiple times.