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When Can Bonus Money Be Withdrawn?

17 Jun 2019

There are numerous bonuses in the online casinos hence the need for the players to gather information to find the best deals. They vary depending on the purpose they serve and the various casinos offering them. However, there is a playthrough condition that you need to fulfill before you proceed to acquire the bonuses. Furthermore, cashing out follows a procedure. Therefore, you have to ensure that you follow the procedure to cash out the prize money. There exists a free bonus calculator that you can make use of when calculating the bonuses in line with the wagering conditions. Withdrawing bonus money will depend on the amount that the player wishes to cash out. Gamblers who have registered with a particular casino will notice at the top of the site a displayed bonus amount. The total bonus will reflect in the registered account after the casino deposits it. The bonus cash is separate from the standard deposit, and you might access it on the bonus page.

How to Withdraw Cash

  1. First, you start by logging into your account and, through the cashier option on your website, click on the withdrawal option. On the box that will be displayed fill in the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  2. The next step will involve selecting the appropriate payment method. It will be dependent on the method that you used when you made the deposit. It can be PayPal, Mastercard, Skrill or any other.
  3. Finally, submit the request and wait for the response from the casino. Notify the casino that you want to make a withdrawal of the bonus cash. Some casinos may require a three day processing time once they have approved the request. They will avail the funds as soon as possible depending on the method of the cash transaction.

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At what Time Can I Make a Withdrawal?

Casinos have different requirements before you can make a withdrawal of the bonus.

  • There exist other casinos that require you to play for 32x of the total sum of the bonus. However, it applies to various stages of the games. For example, a 32x wagering requirement will need a stake of around 64,000 pounds to be converted to cash that can be withdrawn.
  • If you wish to remove before you finish converting the total amount of the bonus, the funds that you would have accumulated will determine if you can actually do that. However, not all casinos allow this kind of withdrawal.
  • As for the pending bonuses, cash is released to the player’s bankroll as one continues to accumulate the points. There are specific terms. For example, ten points will be awarded for every one hundred bonus points accumulated. You are therefore allowed to withdraw after the accumulation.
  • Immediate bonuses are not in many casinos that are online. In other areas, they are actually restricted. You receive the bonus amount immediately after you have been credited the bonus. However, you have to double check with the casino’s conditions. You should never assume anything. The winnings from the immediate bonuses are generated depending on the wagers that are placed. They are eligible for withdrawal upon collection of three points in every one pound that you have received. If you do the math, you’ll see that players are allowed to withdraw after collecting a total of thirty status points to withdraw ten pounds. In other casinos, the immediate bonus, otherwise known as the non- pending, can be cashed out only after the player collects a total of two point five points in each pound of the bonus total.
  • For an initial bonus, you will be awarded a bonus, and the playthrough requirement might be 4x, so you will have to place eight hundred pounds to be able to withdraw. You need to make use of the calculator that is in every casino to make the most out of each round.

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The casino is allowed to terminate the account of any player that violates the rights or one who decides to act in bad faith concerning the bonus and promotions. Also, they can withhold the players’ cash if the player is not in line with the terms and conditions. The players should fulfill all the requirements in a specific timeline, for example, thirty days before the amount is ready to be cashed to their account. If they do not meet the necessary requirements within the set date and time, the casino can remove the amount from their account. The casinos have a record of bonus money legible for withdrawal to outline the others that are still pending. They can be either available or restricted funds in the gamblers’ account. You can use your available amount after you have used the restricted amount.

Many casinos withdrawal policies require a verification of the payment method, and this can only be done via the account. This method prevents instances of fraud ensuring that the real owners of the accounts are actually credited with the total amount. Withdrawing the bonus total is similar to withdrawing the standard amount apart from the wagering conditions. You need to ensure that your name, your password and the token number previously sent to their email is still the same. This process is not only quite simple but also takes a short amount of time. You will receive a verification message that will confirm the transaction.

The amount that you will take out depends on the available cash out. It is crucial to analyze your selected casino before you can actually make the withdrawal. Do not be termed as a fraud or an advantage player because of lack of knowledge or ignorance. The reviews will assist you to make the right choices in selecting the bonus, to begin with. As we know, the first step is actually selecting the offer or the promotion. Then the next step is to play through the game while still analyzing the conditions. Choices have consequences, so ensure that you do not have to deal with the negative results.

You’ll be told when it is time to cash out the bonus amount cash. Do not have anxiety because it might lead you to make hasty decisions that will not help you out in the long run. Discover the benefits of the bonus and the easiest ways to make the withdrawal. When the time is right, you will get to enjoy the fruits of your play. Gambling is fun if you can actually win real money and get to cash out. Players should be motivated to start registering in online casinos because of the sign up additional benefit that is on offer. Receiving an incredible bonus does not necessarily mean that you’ll start using it immediately. There are policies, procedures, and regulations to govern the process of cashing out of the money. People have been misusing the bonus features leading to the invention of the wagering conditions. Quite a number of casinos, do not allow you to cash half the amount. A player has to fulfill approximately ninety percent before they are permitted to withdraw. They noticed that most people cash out money and disappear without necessarily having managed to meet every set condition.