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What Are Casino Bonus Codes?

17 Jun 2019

What Are Casino Bonus CodesAs human beings, it’s natural for us to enjoy free stuff.  In fact, when you take a walk through the supermarket, it’s natural to get attracted to the numerous promotions on display. Phrases like ‘50% off on all products’ always sound like music to your ears, even when you just aren’t looking for that particular product. Likewise, online gaming sites keep offering promotions to attract as many players as possible. Through deals like casino bonus codes, the gaming sites keep us on our toes as we keep wanting more!

Once you enter the coupon codes, you will get exclusive promotional perks that will give you more advantage in the lobby. Some of the deals that you can enjoy from the promo codes include welcome packages, no deposit offers and free spins. Through this casino reward system, you can also earn a chance to try out a new game! If you are a fan of grabbing the latest offers or you just want to spend more time at the lobby without spending more money, here’s a complete breakdown of casino bonus codes and all that comes with them.

How Bonus Codes Work

Online casinos know what you like, and that’s why the offer promotional codes that come with exclusive rewards. Essentially, bonus codes are a sequence of text that is usually an arbitrary permutation of numbers, letters and other characters. In other cases, however, a bonus code can also be a particular phrase or word. They may also be referred to as coupon codes or sign up codes, and they are used for:

  • Tracking individual promotion campaigns.
  • Claiming various bonuses and promotions.
  • Advertising these promotions.

As we’ve already indicated, coupon codes are convertible to a range of rewards in the world of online casinos. Online bingo rooms, online poker rooms, and online casinos, in general, can offer a code in their marketing campaigns focused on attracting and encouraging new punters to sign up an account with them. Such offers are also created to motivate existing gamers to make deposits and remain active gamblers in their system.

So, essentially, each bonus code is usually assigned a particular value linked with the code, and once you enter it in the text input box, your bonus is immediately credited to your account. Sometimes, you can convert the bonus in the bonus section of the cashier, or you may have to contact the customer support team to approve your bonus request. Just in case you find things confusing or you get stuck in the process of redeeming the rewards, you can always contact the house via live-chat or phone call to receive instant assistance.

Bonus Code Examples

Wondering what coupon codes look like. Well, they resemble something random such as “wYDf367” and in such a case, your inputs will be case sensitive; meaning that if you enter the wrong case of a letter, your code will be invalid. On the other hand, it can be a phrase or word such as BETCODE2019 or 15FREE.

So, before you start using it, you must first countercheck to make sure it’s the right one so that you aren’t denied any of the goodies that are on the table. In fact, instead of typing the characters yourself, the surest way of doing it is by copying and pasting the characters into the designated box!

The Value of Online Casino Bonus Codes

With the stiff competition in the online gambling industry, internet casino sites are using all sorts of techniques to promote new gamblers to become loyal players. Operators of online casinos know that the best way to introduce potential gamblers to their sites and play their games is by offering some type of incentive to make the gamers feel welcomed. One of the most prominent ways to do so is by offering promotional codes. But then, how valuable are these codes?

What Are Casino Bonus CodesWell, most of the online casinos offer a bonus code that unlocks a matched deposit/no-deposit reward together with some the free spins for new members. Usually, the free spins can be awarded even before you load your initial deposit. On the other hand, incentives in the form of extra rewards may set up so that you can play more frequently at a site that you are already a member of.  The value of bonus codes differs depending on the betting site they are from. The no deposit bonus codes are usually lesser amounts, ranging from $5 to $50 while matched bonus rewards can go past $1,000 in value. These bonuses meant to achieve two results.

For starters, the deal offers you sufficient opportunity to look at the online casino site and play some of their games without any extra risk. Secondly, the online casino site wants to convince you to join as a member. So, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for you and the gaming site. The same goes for the rewards that are given to ongoing members who haven’t been playing for some time or not as frequently as the site would like.

Terms & Conditions of Redeeming the Codes

Just like any other popular gambling offers available online, these codes come with some strict terms that will depend on the kind of reward on offer as well as the casino itself. So, to help you understand what’ you are getting into, here are a couple of common conditions that come with redeeming such offers:

  • The codes will usually have a validity period of say, 24 hours, one week, a month or even 90 days.
  • Very few online gambling sites will allow you to withdraw any amount of money gotten from playing with a bonus, without you first making a deposit.
  • In other cases, these rewards may be restricted to players from a certain region.
  • After redeeming the code, the house will usually give you an ultimatum of claiming and using the offer. This is mostly given seven days.
  • Sometimes, the house may also restrict you to the kind of games you can play with the bonus money received after the activation of your coupon code.
  • In case a deposit is involved, some e-wallet options may also be excluded from claiming such offers.

As a rule of thumb, the terms of the bonus must never be overlooked. Many other conditions are usually attached to the bonus package, and as such, you must always read the fine-print before anything else.

When Can You Receive a Bonus Code?

Apart from offering the codes as part of the welcome package and to bring you back to the lobby after a hiatus, there are plenty of other scenarios where a promotional code may be offered.  Some other popular instances, where players receive promotional code rewards include:

  • They may be offered in honour of great events such as holidays like Christmas and the New Year.
  • You can receive them as part of an exclusive VIP reward system that encompasses free spins, or a ticket for a particular casino tournament. Such coupon codes are only available for VIP players as the regular players do not get the code.
  • Some online casinos even offer you a bonus code on your birthday to appreciate you for your loyalty.
  • Through coupon codes, the house may decide to reward your loyalty a year after your registration with the casino or when your account is five years old, and you’re still playing in the same online casino.
  • The house may also send a coupon code reward your way as part of a referral bonus after you help them get more customers by inviting your friends to the lobby.

Generally, there are plenty of scenarios that are worth this type of reward system; it will just depend on the casino. So, you just have to keep your eye out while gaming and remember to subscribe to the casino’s newsletter because a lot of such promotions are sent via e-mail.

Parting Shot

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting some juicy rewards just after inputting a few characters into a box? Well, from today onwards, ensure you don’t miss any precious deals from bonus codes if get your hands on them. Better yet, stay tuned to our site, and we’ll frequently update you with the latest, most lucrative offers available in top rated sites online.

But then again, always remember just like anywhere else in the world, there is nothing that will completely free of charge. There are always some terms and conditions that you must first fulfil so that you can enjoy the full benefits of the promotion. If you read them and find that they aren’t favourable to you, you can let it pass and wait for the next deal. Have you ever claimed a coupon code for online gambling? Share your story, right here in the comments section to let us know how things went for you!