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Casino New Year Bonuses

17 Jun 2019

By definition, a casino is a locality where gambling takes place. In recent terms, that location has moved away from being a physical one to an increasingly online arena. Most traditional gaming dens have physical machines that patrons take turns to place stakes on; but in recent times, users have a higher preference for online gaming. This has been driven by factors such as:

  • High influx of smartphones enabling revelers to play at their convenience
  • Availability of Tech-savvy applications allowing more and more versatile games to speculate on
  • Increased proliferation of internet allowing for access to gaming facilities anytime anywhere
  • Increased online marketing that has attracted an influx of new players in countries and regions that have never been considered gambling strongholds
    market positioning of gaming as a product of the youth

Increased social media use by the younger population who publicly declare their spoils from their betting expeditions further wooing more to try their hand at gambling.

Bonuses for Casino Games

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Since there is a high competition for online betting sites, the dice joints have become highly creative in attracting gamers to cast the dice at their honky-tonk this has led to an introduction and popularity of gaming bonuses. The logic behind a bonus is that as a gamer puts in some money towards a venture, the gaming house throws in some goodies to entice the gamer even more. There are various kinds of rewards that a gaming house throws in, but the most common ones are:

  1. Welcome Bonus. This allows for players to double their bankroll even before placing a bet on any game
  2. No-Deposit Bonus. Allocated upon completing of a new sign-up by a would-be gamer. UK latest no deposit casino bonuses allow for gamers to sample out the various games at the club before depositing their money.
  3. Bonus By Amount. Given to the big spenders upon depositing an enormous amount of cash in the casino
  4. Payment method bonus. Sometimes gamblers can get up to 20% bonus on their deposit for simply using a preferred payment method. Most sites will list their preferred payment modules when making payment
  5. Refer a Friend Bonus. Given when you tell a friend about the gaming site and they eventually join the site.
  6. Deposit Bonus. Given as a percentage of the total deposit made to the casino in cash. The percentage is mostly much higher than the deposit made. Mostly between 200% and 300% of the value of the deposit
  7. Sticky Bonuses. These are non-cashable bonuses that are most of the time much higher than the sign-up bonuses. They have much friendly betting requirements.
  8. High Roller Bonuses. Available for gamers who not only make large deposits but also place bets on high stakes games. They are designed to encourage the playing of games with high stakes.
  9. Tournament Bonuses. Offered with every successful completion of a tournament
  10. New Year Bonuses. Rotundas are known for sniffing in the spending season and will offer great incentives during the Christmas and New Year festivities. This is usually the time lots of people are in the merry-making and spending mood which means big gains for both the gambler and gaming house as well.

Having understood the various types of rewards and how they benefit the rotundas and players, let’s now take special interest in New Year bonuses.

Logic Informing a New Year Casino Bonus

Since the New Year is a time for festivities worldwide, most companies will have given their staff leave from work and have also given out huge Christmas giveaways to most workers. Besides, some people save all year round just to secure themselves a holiday to remember over the New Year season and the days preceding it.

By the fact that there’s a lot of “easy money” and lots of free time, most people like to indulge in gaming as their favorite pastime. To make this even more interesting, the gaming houses throw in huge rewards to keep their patrons hooked throughout the festivities.

New Year casino bonuses come in the form of cocktail bonuses to ensure sustained activity when revelers are more liquid with cash. They will mostly be:

  • Match Bonuses. These are awarded upon making a deposit thereby being a form of deposit bonus. They are meant to increase the bankroll of the gamer for them to access higher stakes games at lower deposits. Sometimes gaming establishments will give up to 250% match bonus on the deposit.
  • Free Games. Gaming dens will allow for gamers to take up a certain number of few of a particular type. These games will always be the ones with a higher house edge
  • Loyalty Bonuses. Since it is a start of a new year (and the end of another year anyway), loyal patrons are rewarded for their faithfulness with huge bonuses after they have attained a certain status predetermined by the gaming house
  • Match Bonuses. These will be given to players after completing a particular game; the accruing reward will be a certain percentage higher (say 200%) of the ordinary winning of that game.
  • Deposit Bonus. The gaming dens will craft some clever deposit bonuses during the festive season and give a cut-off time, which is mostly a day or week after the new year and call it a New
  • Year Bonus. During this period, the gaming den will lower the number of times a gamer would otherwise need to wager the amount before withdrawing the winnings. This exponentially raises the gaming bankroll one is entitled to when betting and is a huge incentive to keep playing. The dates given for the new year’s bonuses will be the dates when the deposit bonus is applicable.

Benefits of New Year Bonuses

There are some good benefits of the New Year casino bonus. Though this type of bonus is still gaining popularity, ‘it has proved itself as a great win-win for both casinos and players.

Benefits to Players

  • Increased bankroll
  • Variety of games available to them
  • Huge payouts on winning games

Benefits of the casino

  • Increased income emanating from the influx of gamers
  • Bigger publicity from the increased wins from the gamers
  • A great avenue to pursue marketing
  • Greater popularity of the gaming den

Bonuses are a great way to keep players interested and betting online. The New Year bonuses are a great way to attract players to casinos during the festive holiday season. The bundled bonuses in the new year packages ensure the gamers have a much higher bankroll and ensure they also get bigger winnings since the gamers can play higher stakes games. The gaming establishment also benefits greatly by cashing in on the influx of new players over the festive New Year season.

New Year bonuses remain a great way to keep players entertained and an essential tool for promoting gaming houses and the betting industry at large.