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Deposit Method Bonuses

17 Jun 2019

As you probably already know, different promotions casinos include into their offers are actually various rewards for signing up and playing online. They come in numerous forms, such as one of the most popular ones, the Welcoming package. Usually, they are combined with Matching deposit, No deposit, and other privileges. Other than these, there are reload, refer a friend or multi deposit bonuses. In addition, gamblers can earn extra cash by choosing specific payment or using particular process. Wise selection of determined payment way can be very profitable if it is connected to some kind of a bonus and often it is.

Deposit Method Bonuses

The Basics

In the time of the competitive market, casinos use many ways to attract new players and to hold the old ones for as long as they can. One of them is Deposit Method Bonus. These benefits are used to convince you to make a transaction in a specific way and to get some little extra cash along the way. The way this function is usually expressed in percentages. For instance, 20% up to 200$ when a bettor takes an xxx method. In case you do not have enough information about some specific way you can always research anything you need. Moreover, this privilege can apply not only to online gambling houses but also to private poker rooms and sportsbooks.

When speaking about this topic the important thing to mention is how to claim a deposit method bonus. First of all, it is significant to check all the terms and conditions and understand them completely. One has to realize what are the requirements prior to the bank account boosting. In most cases, one will have to use a coupon code in the cashier section. On the other hand, sometimes gamblers would have to send an e-mail to the customer support service center informing them about the claiming. Usually, after 48 hours, the benefit gets activated. Watch out for all the fine print at the web page.

It Pays Off to Pay

Nowadays there are several options gamblers mostly use when it comes to making a deposit. The majority of them is worldwide known and very commercial. However, casinos are constantly working on advertising them. For example, players can often read to make the payment with Neteller and earn 200% up to %200 or to have great 15% on any deposit per month by using Moneybooker. So, what are those, exactly?

  • Manual transfer
    Sometimes bettors can even take direct money transfer from their bank account to the casino, or choose a kind of a go-between bank exposition from which a bookmaker then takes needed cash. Even though they provide a high level of safety, usually they carry high fees, so be careful. In any case, this procedure is helpful when there is no other way. Have in mind that this technique is different from money transfer systems like the Western Union or Money Gram. These sometimes carry massive fees. On the other hand, they are also very safe, but not so popular among players;
  • e-wallet
    This is probably the best way to download the required amounts from the bank roll. This way includes a third party to act as the wallet. There are several different methods to debit your funds:

    • Skrill – This one is also known as the Moneybookers and is considered to be one of the leaders in the online gambling world. The company is present only on longlasting and secure regulative markets so it is highly respectable and safe;
    • Ukash – the advantage of this way of payment is that one does even need neither debit or credit card to use this provider. All that is necessary is to get a voucher of a certain value. That can be done in any online place with a PayPoint mark. As far as the amounts are concerned, here bettors can get up to 10% on their deposits;
    • Neteller – In a way, this is a successor of a Paypal in the gaming community. However, even though it accepts all types of gambling transactions, this provider is closed for some of the countries, at least when it comes to the bonus advantages. So, make sure you always check if the specific state is adapted for Neteller;
    • Instadebit – The type of a wire account links you bankroll and the profile at the bookmaker. It is very helpful when transferring money. Moreover, it is more than simple to use and it includes great promotions when it comes to bonuses. With this provides bettors can hope for 15% gifts on top on every other benefit;
  • Credit and Prepaid Cards
    The chances are this is one of the easiest methods of deposit the funds on the casino account. The majority of the gamblers already use personal cards in everyday shopping so they know how to activate them. The player goes to a cashier, enters the credit card number and the desired amount of money and that is all. This way is quick and painless. Usually, it takes a few minutes for cash to be transferred. This step with a Prepaid card is similar. The difference is that this method has a limit. The maximum possible amount is determined by the gambler himself. It provides additional safety for the bettor because it is bought antehand and it is not connected to any of the bank information. This is also a great way to restrict players from overspending;
  • eChecks
    In case you like things old fashioned way this method can be the right for you. The majority of online casinos are completely adapted for echecks. Players need to choose this at the cashier, enter bank data, necessary info and the desired amount of money. Note that this one resembles classic paper checks but you only fulfill them online. It has pretty low transaction fees;

You Can Have it Your Way

The conditions regarding the best method for paying vary from casino to casino, and, of course, depend on legislative procedures of the specific state. In order to get some of the best bonuses there are, read carefully not only the bookmaker`s offer, but also the bank page information. Pass the cash only to houses that are trustworthy and have a transparent privacy policy. Avoid black listed companies no matter how high the prizes are. In addition, choose the option that is fast but secure, like some of the e-wallets that usually bring from 5% up to 15% bonuses. These are always listed on the promo pages of the bookmaker. Have in mind that like with any other bonuses there are terms and conditions one has to fulfil in order to enjoy a gift. Other than that, often there is a required minimum deposit amount. Moreover, there is a maximum possible value of the promotion itself as well as the top amount of reward one can gain with this given cash. The playthrough rules also apply to this type of benefits so learn about those with no exception. Pay special attention to one more important thing. The Withdrawing methods. There is not much sense to decide for the best way of passing the funds to a UK casino with no deposit bonus when you can not redeem them in an easy way after the winning.