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What Are Free Spins And How To Use Them

06 Jul 2019

There are many ways to increase the odds while gambling. Gamers can use multiple bonuses offered by online sites, but none as popular as free spinning. This bonus can be gained as a deposit extra cash, or as an in-game extra feature. No matter what type of casino machine a gamer is playing, getting some free rolls is always welcome. Free spins are a special bonus created by casinos, where bettors can spin few rounds without putting any bets from their own pockets.What Are Free Spins And How To Use Them

Free Spins for Depositing Cash

Some online gaming platforms offer to their player’s special welcome packages for depositing money for the first time. To be qualified for these extra rounds, a gambler needs to create an account and complete the validation process. Some casinos offer a real cash bonus for infusing the money for the first, second and third time, and on top of that, a player can get a determined number of extra rounds which can be used on multiple or one casino machines. When finishing these terms, a gambler can click on a link to obtain his/her free spins. They can feel free to use this bonus within a time period given by a betting site (every casino has different conditions). These extra rounds can help a player to win some free money without spending his/her own cash. A gambler just needs to spins the wheel of fortune until all bonus turns are used. When done, all funds will be displayed in a total credit balance. Gambling platforms have wagering requirements that are sometimes pretty hard to accomplish, so before using extra spins, bettors should carefully read all the terms and conditions related to this bonus. If a casino is offering more than one casino machine where a player can use these free spins, he/she can make sure to increase their odds of success by:

  • Checking the RTP of a pokie. Games with a higher theoretical return to a player can provide a small advantage.
  • Pick games that possess free spin features. If for example, a player is spinning the wheel with extra rounds and a bonus extra feature emerges, a gambler can play more without placing any wager. This can prolong free betting and increase the total amount of money that bettors can earn totally for free.
  • Lay back, set the wheel to spin automatically and have fun. Free spins are easy to use.

After rounds are spun, a gamer can see the funds in real money section, where he/she can use it for more betting or simply withdraw it if all wagering conditions are fulfilled. There are plenty of ways to use this real cash and the best thing is that it can be won for free with just a few bonus spins. Extra rounds can lead to obtaining some of the biggest payouts in a game. The odds of scoring will be the same, no matter if a gambler is betting with his/her money, or free cash given by the casino. The betting site also offers free spins as a no deposit UK casino with free cash bonus. Bettors will not receive cash funds, but they can use these extra rounds to win real money rewards. No deposit bonus doesn’t require from gamers to infuse money. They just need to finish the registration process and they must be over 18 years old. Some countries are not allowed to use these free spins, so be sure to check that out before creating an account.

In-Game Free Rounds

What Are Free Spins And How To Use ThemGamblers who like to play slot machines certainly know what benefits can be gained for using some kind of extra spinning. Free rounds can be won in several ways:

  • By triggering free bonus feature
  • Activate a bonus level to reveal the number of extra rounds
  • Some pokies even have a free re-spin option after every non-winning turn. This means that bettors will have more scoring chances after every single spin of a wheel.

A player can trigger the free spin feature by collecting special symbols called the “scatter” cards. They are one of the most important icons because, when gathered, they allow a gambler to activate extra rounds. The most common necessary number of extra icons is 3. When this is done, a player will receive a determined number of turns depending on rules of a pokie. Bettors should also know that they can feel free to use the “Autospin” option because it will automatically stop if a gambler triggers a free spin bonus. When triggered, gamers can enjoy in extra spinning until all rounds are used. Some casino machines even offer a re-triggering option if 3 or more scatter icons are collected while this feature is active. During this bonus, some machines have a winning boost, meaning that while it is on, all scores will be multiplied (2x, 3x, 5x, etc.). The best way of using this opportunity is to try to spin the wheel of luck as much as possible. Only this way a player can score some of the biggest outcomes. Bettors should also know that stakes and lines will be the same as in a round that activated the extra feature.

Bonus Level Extra Turns

The third way of getting some extra rounds is to gather bonus icons which allow a player to enter special levels. Bonus games are fun to play and often possess huge real money prizes, multipliers, and free spins. These are in most cases games of revealing, meaning that bettors must choose a certain bottle, balloon, ball, or any other item to reveal prizes. Sometimes, gamblers can get a chance to pick all of them. Bonus levels are features where a player can pick a multiplier, number of sticky wilds and free spins. After this, extra rounds will be started. Rules are the same as before, a player must roll the wheel until all rounds are spun.

Free Spins Advantages

Most of the casinos offer extra spins in their welcome packages to attract players. This can be very helpful for new gamblers who never played earlier. Also, free rounds can be used for playing any game that bettors never tried previously. But one of the biggest advantages of using this bonus is increasing the winning odds. Casino machines are all based on mathematical calculations, meaning that they have random outcomes, and every player will have the same odds of scoring every time when betting. Good thing to know is that the bet amount will not influence the outcome, so gamers can gamble with same chances of scoring when placing real money wager, and when spinning for free. When using extra turns, try to improve the winning chances by implementing the best strategy. In the end, it is all up to luck, but scoring odds can be enhanced, especially by using free spins. One more advantage, that may be the main reason why gamers like to use extra turns is the fact that they can play more relaxed. There is no pressure when betting for free. Gamblers can this way connect with their favorite devices to the nearest internet connection, and have fun while betting without any worries about losing money because extra rounds are will cost nothing.