Is Today My Lucky Day to Gamble? Gambling Horoscope 2019!

18 Mar 2020

Is Today My Lucky Day to Gamble? Gambling Horoscope 2019!

Ask yourself: «Is today my lucky day to gamble» or «Should I gamble today»?

How would you know?

Every year in the UK, the positions of the stars in relation to the Earth change, and this has an impact to the tides and the fortune of those who were born on particular days of the month.

The burning question is: what roles do the zodiacs play in your life? And most importantly, how will you use these zodiacs to your gambling advantage?

Here, we will take a new look at the meaning of each sign, and tell you what your casino horoscope can do about your gambling success.

Gambling Horoscope 2019

Zodiac Sign Lucky Colour Lucky Days You might be lucky with
Aquarius Light-Blue, Silver Saturday Sign Up Bonus
Pisces Purple and Green Thursday Matching Casino Bonuses
Aries Red Tuesday Tournaments & Leaderboards Promotions
Taurus Green and Pink Friday and Monday Free Spins & Free Bets
Gemini Yellow and Light Green Wednesday Once-a-week & Once-a-month Bonuses
Cancer White Monday and Thursday Insurance Promotions
Leo Gold, Yellow, and Orange Sunday Deposit & Reload Bonuses
Virgo Gray and Yellow Wednesday Comp Points Offers
Libra Pink and Green Friday No Deposit Bonuses
Scorpio Red and Rust Tuesday High Roller’s Bonus
Sagittarius Blue Thursday Referral Offers
Capricorn Black and Brown Saturday Welcome Bonuses/Packages

Aquarius Gambling Horoscope

Aquarius Gambling Horoscope

The person in this sign is shy and prefers to be alone. Pretty much, Aquarian is an introvert and is at his best self when working on his own.

This 2019, the people who belong to this sign will feel one with online casinos. Since they are intelligent, they are better off playing the games that require analytical thinking- poker and blackjack are the best options where they can thrive.

Remember, the game must be online. Playing in land-based casinos can alter your mood and make you lean towards bad calls.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Light-Blue, Silver
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Saturday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Blackjack and Poker
  • You might be lucky with: Sign Up Bonus

Pisces Gambling Horoscope

Pisces Gambling Horoscope

Pisces are not known for high skill but for being intuitive. They are gentle and also love games that do not require aggression.

If you are in this sign, you are in a good position to trust your fresh instincts in games that are based on chance, such as the lottery or slot machines.

This is because your ruling planet is Neptune, and you are likely to be in tune with the energy that flows in the universe, like intuitively knowing the winning numbers, rather than relying on your own intellect.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Purple and Green
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Thursday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Slots and Lottery
  • You might be lucky with: Matching Casino Bonuses

Aries Gambling Horoscope

Aries Gambling Horoscope

This is the first sign of the zodiac Astrology and gambling and is always the mark of the starter. Aries are impulsive and thrive on fast-paced games like slot machines. You love competition and belong to the element of fire. As such, you want hot games where you can exert your authority and will to win.

Aries are also known to take care of themselves first. And what this means is that they have the capacity to keep their winnings and not gamble them back.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Red
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 1, 8, 17
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Tuesday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Slots
  • You might be lucky with: Tournaments & Leaderboards Promotions

Taurus Gambling Horoscope

Taurus Gambling Horoscope

Taurus is a strong and grounded person. He will work very hard enough to get to his goal. If he loses today, he will create a new approach for tomorrow.

2019 is a great year for Taurus as he is probably the only one on the table who have the persistence to win.

With such character, Taurus is going to succeed in card games that require skills. A roulette table is also a good option, as this game requires some mathematical discipline to win.

And because people in this sign are conservative, they are best off with classic games. The thing is, they should choose only one and then dedicate their efforts to it.

You have two lucky days to gamble, so you have more chances to win than some other zodiacs.

  • Lucky Colour to Play: Green and Pink
  • Lucky Numbers to Play: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24
  • Lucky Days to Play: Friday and Monday
  • Compatible Games to Play: Card games and roulette
  • You might be lucky with: Free Spins & Free Bets

Gemini Gambling Horoscope

Gemini Gambling Horoscope

As a witty person, Gemini tends to be overwhelmed with his own genius. The downside to this is that he may fall victim to his own restlessness. He is a little impulsive and can gamble only to please people and not his pockets.

This year, the daily gambling horoscope for Gemini predicts that his best course of action is to manage his impulsiveness. As a risk-taker, Gemini can succeed in tables like baccarat and crap. However, the stars will only be on his side if he concentrates and not gives in to his impulsive desires.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Yellow and Light Green
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 5, 7, 14, 23
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Wednesday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Baccarat or Craps
  • You might be lucky with: Once-a-week & Once-a-month Bonuses

Cancer Gambling Horoscope

Cancer Gambling Horoscope

People in this sign are intuitive, yet they are also known for being emotional. This characteristic that leans toward being sentimental can be your bane if you do not manage it.

As a sentimental person, the flashing lights and noise of casino games can distract you. But the good thing is that if you play online, you can control these noises and lights.

As a Brave Crab, you are tenacious, which means you have the capacity to learn, understand, and beat any kind of casino game.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: White
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 2, 3, 15, 20
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Monday and Thursday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: All types of games
  • You might be lucky with: Insurance Promotions

Leo Gambling Horoscope

Leo Gambling Horoscope

Leo is a born leader. Because of this, a person in this sign will assert himself. As such, this person will want to play games that deliver a different kind of rush and excitement.

As a Leo, you will do well this year if you play games that require luck and a little bit of concentration like bingo.

As a dominant character, you will also enjoy and find your luck in the lottery because these games make you dominant if you win.

The time for gambling for a Leo is Sunday, for it is the day where you feel rested and use your energy to dominate.

  • Lucky Colour to Play: Gold, Yellow, and Orange
  • Lucky Numbers to Play: 1, 3, 10, 19
  • Lucky Days to Play: Sunday
  • Compatible Games to Play: Bingo and Card games
  • You might be lucky with: Deposit & Reload Bonuses

Virgo Gambling Horoscope

Virgo Gambling Horoscope

Virgo is a person who pays attention to the smallest of details. If you belong to this sign, you love the challenge of analytical problems, and you have a knack for solving them.

The best casino game where you can apply these traits is blackjack, including its latest variations. Here, you can find out how many pounds it takes to invest and get a decent profit, so choose the blackjack game wisely.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Gray and Yellow
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Wednesday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Blackjack
  • You might be lucky with: Comp Points Offers & Vip Clubs

Libra Gambling Horoscope

Libra Gambling Horoscope

Libra is a systematic person. And given this character trait, you can use this to your advantage if you play poker or slots.

Poker requires a lot of analytical thinking, and you can create a system this year to help you make wise decisions such as when to call or fold.

Slots are also great as you can create a betting system that will improve your odds of winning and decrease your chances of losing.

Your lucky days this month are Thursday and Friday, but Friday is the best.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Pink and Green
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Friday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Poker and Slots
  • You might be lucky with: No Deposit Bonuses UK

Scorpio Gambling Horoscope

Scorpio Gambling Horoscope

As a Scorpio, you tend to fixate on one game. Part of your personality is also being secretive. Since you keep to yourself, you can use this to hide your emotions when playing poker against other players.

Scorpio lucky days to gamble are Tuesdays. If you cannot play on Tuesdays, make sure you play on days close to Tuesday to improve your luck.

Also, you are in a good position if you win in the lottery, as you can keep your winnings to yourself and not disclose it to everybody.

  • Fortunate Colour to Play: Red and Rust
  • Fortunate Numbers to Play: 8, 11, 18, 22
  • Fortunate Days to Play: Tuesday
  • Compatible Games to Play: Blackjack and Lottery
  • You might be lucky with: High Roller’s Bonus

Sagittarius Gambling Horoscope

Sagittarius Gambling Horoscope

As a person of this sign, you love mystery and thrive in the unknown. You are curious, and you have boundless energy.

The best games you should play are card games that will make use of these traits. As a person who loves challenges, you can mix and match different possible combinations in roulette until you find that secret to winning.

  • Lucky Colour to Gamble: Blue
  • Lucky Numbers to Gamble: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Thursday
  • Compatible Games to Gamble: Card games plus roulette
  • You might be lucky with: Referral Offers

Capricorn Gambling Horoscope

Capricorn Gambling Horoscope

People in this sign are responsible, and as such, they are better off in roulette because they can maintain the discipline it takes to use a gambling strategy.

As a Capricorn, you are also conservative, and you are in the best time of your life on the roulette table as you can manage your bankroll better than those who belong to the other 11 signs.

  • Fortunate Colour to Play: Black and Brown
  • Fortunate Numbers to Play: 4, 8, 13, 22
  • Fortunate Days to Play: Saturday
  • Compatible Games to Play: Roulette
  • You might be lucky with: Welcome Bonuses/Packages

Some Tips for Your Zodiac

Apart from the role of the stars in your gambling results, there are some ways on how to get lucky at the casino. Whenever you play, you must consider the following:

there are lucky days for you to play. These are days when the stars that make up your zodiac are in the perfect attainment. Choose these days when you play in land-based or online casinos. If you have work, or if you want to play but the lucky day is not yet here, play only on the days close to your lucky one.
the lucky numbers are great to use for choosing roulette bets and lottery picks. What you need to do is to ensure that at least one of these numbers are present in your chosen bets.
the games that match your sign does not mean that you can make a prediction of the outcome. It just entails that your personality is best suited for them. If you focus on an activity that matches your personality, you will find it more enjoyable and easier to concentrate and make the right and logical decisions.
the colours may not all be present in a casino. What you have to do is to bring a lucky item and put it in your pocket. Also, try to be as close to a game that has this colour. If you are playing in a land-based casino, you can stay on tables or near walls that have the colour of your sign.

Test Your Stars in Casinos with Bonuses

Casinos have different kinds of bonuses that can double your money or let you play without any investment at all. Here are some examples.

  • Welcome bonus – a kind of gift that you get upon registration, which comes in different forms like free spins or free cash.
  • Deposit bonus – this one requires that you deposit a minimum amount of money before you get it. For example, you must deposit £10 to get another free £10. The deposit amount can be as low as £3 pounds. You can check our list of £3 minimum deposit casino to find the most suitable.
  • No deposit bonus – here, you do not have to cash in to get something free. Usually, you will get this upon registration. You can get free spins on certain slots, bingo cards, or free money. In addition, no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players also enable you to get your free bonus.
  • Free Spins – these are spins used on slot machines where you do not have to shell out money from your pocket. Each spin has a determine cost and is usually about 10p.


There goes our gambling astrology for this year. Now that you know the best games for each sign, you can make reliable predictions before you play.

What you can do is to make sure that you choose the right game, the right day, and the right numbers to play with.

2019 is the year of the earth pig, which means zodiacs on the Earth sign will also thrive. So, you are you ready for the challenge?