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Gambling Participation in 2019: behaviour, awareness and attitudes [Infographic]

16 Apr 2019

Ever wondered about the latest statistics in online gambling? Let’s start with participation: Men like gambling more than women. In fact, 53% of the male population participated in some form of gambling in their lifetime. This may not sound surprising, but did you know nearly half of the all adult population participated in gambling during the past 4 weeks? We preferred the national lottery draws the most, but those who liked casino games preferred online casinos to gamble. Oh, and sports betting is still the most popular way of gambling – statistics show that betting on sports events keep increasing.

The most important data we can gather from these statistics is the “location” of gambling. You may think that mobile gambling is on the rise, and you will be right to think so-  the use of portable devices keeps increasing. However, 97% of all online gamblers still play at home and use their laptops. Moreover, brick-and-mortar casinos are still kicking: Players who are under 45 say that they are more likely to play outdoors. In other words, online gamblers who prefer to stay at home are older than you think: It is the younger generation who prefers brick-and-mortar casinos.

Remember that long terms and conditions page you usually do not read? Well, you are not alone: Only 23% of all online gamblers read them fully. For some reason, gamblers over 65 and women gamblers of all ages do not read them at all. Statistics also show that we are impulsive creatures: Especially the younger generation (18-24-year-olds) decide to gamble based on adverts and posts on social media. In other words, a very big part of the customer base of online casinos come from social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Want to learn more about the latest online gambling statistics? Take a look at the infographic we have prepared, courtesy of Enjoy!