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How In-Game Bonuses Can Change Your Luck

17 Jun 2019

There are many reasons why gamers more often play online games which possess some kind of bonus, but one of the most obvious is definitively the fact that these bonuses could make a difference between losing and winning a mega prize.

Types of In-Game Bonuses

The pace of a game could change in an instant with just a single spin. When gamers are picking a slot game, for example, they often search for ones with:

  • More extra cards. Two of the most common are wild cards and scatter symbols.
  • Bonus levels. Sometimes this can be revealing prizes, picking hidden rewards, etc.
  • Free spin features. UK Free spins mean that a player can roll a wheel without wagering.

Wild and Scatter Possibilities

These special cards are the ones that gamers always want to see on their playing table.

wild scatter symbols

A wild icon is a special card that can substitute any symbols (except for the scatter sign in most cases). So if a gamer is playing a game where he/she needs to combine offered symbols to create a winning line, this icon could be very handy. This symbol increases scoring possibilities dramatically. There are also sticky wild icons that remain on a table for a determined number of rounds allowing a gamer to combine more lines to score. Expanding Wild is a unique card that can cover multiple fields when it appears on a betting display. Sometimes, online slots possess multiple wild cards which can double or triple score if used on a win line.

The other type of unique cards is a scatter symbol. Game developers are infusing this sign in a big variety of their creations. It is used for triggering special features where bettors can spin the wheel for free for a determined number of rounds. These two playing cards can give a player a big cash boost. In some games, they possess the highest payouts, if a gambler gathers for example 5 of them in a single spin.

Bonus Level Prizes and Benefits

In-game bonuses are sometimes not easy to obtain, but when activated, they can bring big money prizes and change a player’s luck. Games that possess some kind of bonus levels are ones that most of the gamers like to play. To trigger them, try to find special bonus icons (3 or more in most cases). Some levels require from bettors to choose icons to reveal real money prizes, and sometimes multipliers or free spins. Bonus levels are made to be fun and they possess game-changing outcomes. When a gambler is having a bad time and no luck, extra plays could deliver a cash boost for more comfortable gaming. A player can this way win multiple bonuses in just a few spins. Progressive rewards are usually won in bonus games like spinning the big wheel of luck. A jackpot opportunity can appear totally randomly and all bettors have the same chances of getting it thanks to the RNG (random number generator program). The RNG will make sure that every game has equal odds of winning, so don’t worry about fairness, just focus on gathering bonus icons and set the stakes to the maximum. Only by adjusting bets to the highest value, players can be qualified for jackpot prizes. Bonus wheels of luck are special games that require from a player to roll the wheel to get real cash prizes. The goal is to get to the center of a circle. Gamblers must stop a wheel on arrows that will allow them to spin again. In a center of a wheel is a mega jackpot reward. This is a prize that every gambler wants to gain. Benefits from scoring this prize are pretty obvious. They often possess big money amounts which can change someone’s life in just a single turn of a wheel. Some casino machines offer bonus levels with an adventure features like searching for a hidden gold, pots, climbing ropes and floors for getting high money prizes. Besides been fun to play, these levels can prolong playing time more. Spinning the wheel more will guarantee additional scoring possibilities, so try to gather bonus sings as much as possible, they can really make a difference.

Free Spin Features

wild scatter symbols

Extra rounds are gained by collecting scatter cards (3 or more most often). These extra features provide new chances to a gambler to score. Benefits from this bonus are multiple:

  • Longer playing time, meaning that gamers can spin the wheel more, that way making more winning combos.
  • Gamblers can even re-trigger this feature in some casino machines and by doing it, they will get a chance to win real money rewards again with the same chances as the first time they activated it. Stakes and a number of lines are the same as in a round that activated bonus turns.
  • While spinning the wheel for free, a player is not betting his/her own money.
  • During this feature, many combos can emerge, like bonus levels, wild card or even a jackpot cash bonus that can pop out at any moment.

This in-game bonus is something that should be one of the goals when betting. Choose a game with lots of free spins, play with ease and use all the benefits that this unique feature offers.

Gambling Bonus

welcome bonus play button

The gambling feature is very popular among bettors because it allows them to take some risky steps and double the money several times. It can be activated by scoring a win line. When a gambler gets a winning round, gambling button will be available. There are couple types of this feature, but two most common are betting rooms where players must guess the next coming color or beat the dealer. Rules are very simple. Gamers need to choose a color of the next coming card to double the money. If a player gets it, cash will be doubled. In a case that bettors guessed the suit of a card, cash will be quadrupled. This process can be repeated again (vary from game to game). Some casino machines offer an unlimited number of tries, meaning that a gamer can gamble until his/her choice is wrong. This is a great way to increase the total credit amount, but gamers should be aware that if their choice is not right, all fund will be lost. A player can quit this feature anytime he/she wants. The other type of gambling room requires form bettors to beat a dealer. It can be done by selecting the stronger hand than dealers. This feature can increase players earnings multiple times, but this is a game of risk, meaning the cash could also be lost with just one unwise move. Know your chances and don’t overdo it.

Final Tips for Bonus Usage

In-game bonuses are always fun to gain, and sometimes they can really change someone luck. No matter what type of bonus a gambler gets, it is always welcome. Many of these extra rewards could be gained by implementing the right betting strategy. If a player is having a long unlucky streak, he/she should try to use some of the bonuses, because they can really pay out.