A Guide to Casino Bonus Terms

29 Jan 2019

Nowadays, the big part of gambling attractiveness lies in various promotions bookmakers give. Even though many times those are too good to be true, that does not mean players can not benefit from numerous gifts. However, knowing the real essence of rules regarding privileges is very important. The first thing every bettor should pay special attention to is the package of terms behind the given bonuses. Those are, actually, the basic rules under which one promotion gets active or most lucrative. In addition, if the information provided by the casino remains neglected there is a big chance gamblers will not get what they have been hoping for. In spite of the fact that some instructions may seem confusing, the whole system is not so complicated to understand. Other than learning about the issue itself, it is vital for you to know some tips and tricks on how to cope with some of the best casino bonuses.

Understanding the Basics

Usually, after players sign up to a chosen casino, some kind of welcoming package is waiting. That can be some type of deposit or no deposit, free of charge bonus. Note that ground terms stand for any promotion there is. In order to comprehend better some of the rules, bettors should learn basic expressions which they will meet in all those casino manuals:

  • Wagering requirement
    This is one of the most common terms when it comes to the game conditions. There are a few synonyms of this expression, like the Rollover and the Playthrough. Basically, they mean the same thing, the determined amount of money one has to invest before being able to withdrawal any winning from the bank account. The values range from 3x to 100x. The majority of casinos offer the wager from 20x to 40x. The best tip is to avoid everything higher than 50x, except the bonuses are skyrocketing. Putting it simply, this means a bettor has to invest fifty times his/her initial deposit to make the withdrawal possible. Have in mind that there are several combinations when it comes to rollover multiple. It can apply to the bonus amount or the sum of the deposit and the bonus. It all depends on the casino arrangement. So, if one invests $10 with a match of 100% one gets $20. With the wager of the 20x bonus, that makes the total of $400.
    Two things may happen if you try to get the cash before fulfilling the condition. The first possibility is that a request will be declined. The second one is that, probably after the complicated procedure, all of your winnings and the promotions will be deducted. Sometimes you will not even get the starting deposit refunded. The last case is far more known as a form of abuse or bonus hunting. In other words, that could lead a bettor either to lose all or to gain approximately 20x the bonus amount. However, that requires initial capital, wise game choice, and good strategy as well as high knowledge of the major terms.
  • Game Restrictions
    If you manage to overcome the downside of wagering, the game limits are waiting. Watch out for those so you do not end up being all disappointed and blaming the bookmakers. Even the top ranked casinos include restrictions regarding some pieces and slots or table products do not actually count for rollover. The main goal is to prevent the abuse and mishandle the bonus system. Usually, those are models with low house edge and pretty easy winning strategies to achieve, like Baccarat, Blackjack or types of Roulette. However, there are casinos that do not have this type of restrictions and game bans, but the already mentioned products contribute less to the wagering requirements. This is a good solution both for the players and the prevention for reckless bonus hunters. Always take into a consideration the blacklisted pieces before you register, while the favorite game may be excluded from benefits. So, the crucial thing is the percentage contribution shown below in the hypothetical case:
    The Casino Bonus is $50
    Rollover is 40x b without d, d being the deposit
    The total Playthrough would be $50×40 = $2,000;
    Games that include 100%, like machines, do not make a difference in this formula.
    However, 20% contribution on Roulette means one has to, actually, invest at least $10,000 to fulfill the requirements and get the cash. Be careful so the bank account does not dry out.

The Right Time and The Right Place

There are a couple of more terms players are going to face with when in a gambling house. Those are Time and Jurisdiction limits. Bettors sometimes may use the specific bonus for the determined period and only if they are from the selected list of states. Watch out for the fact that even if one can register in a particular casino, that does not mean he will get the promotion. Always check the eligibility of the country. In some cases, players from specific states are gonna need the bonus code in order to claim it. These are also connected to payment methods. Sometimes there will not be gifts for certain ways of paying, especially if they are related to a particular country. Also, there can be issues with the i.p addresses. More than one bettor from one household can not access the registration.

Money Max

The real cash investments start when you want to claim the specific bonus. There is a minimum deposit one has to pay to enjoy the benefit. On the other hand, there is a maximum possible bet value one can stake. The house always wins when it limits the top winning bettors can gain a specific benefit. This is usual for the nondeposit promotions where the determined amount is quite low. That is a true reflection of an expression House always wins. The info about this kind of restrictions can often be found in the info section or under the terms and conditions.

Cash and Play

The casino catalogues often include the wide choice of great welcome packages. However, depending on the kind, rules are not the same regarding the use and activation. Take the cashable and playable bonuses for example. There is a significant difference between those two. The first one is very simple. Hypothetically speaking, one can lose while playing and still earn when withdrawing. For instance, a bettor got $50 bonus and lost $25 before fulfilling the conditions. He/she can take the initial deposit plus the remaining cash given by the casino. Besides, there are Sticky I and II. The first one can be used for wagering. However, there is no possibility for you to withdraw it and after you take from the account all of your winning the bonus will be removed. That is not the case with the second one. Players may still use it for wagering and increase their chances. Anyway, it is always a better option to stick to cashable promotions with no tricky conditions. That is why it is important to read all the terms before signing up. Moreover, in any case of unclearness, one can always contact the customer support.