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How to Stop Gambling

17 Jun 2019

How to Stop GamblingWith time, gamers who play in virtual gaming sites and brick and mortar casinos may feel the need to stop the habit especially when it is heading towards, or is already an addiction. Before trying to stop gambling, players need to understand why it is essential for them to join a program or opt for self-rehabilitation. This problem is sometimes referred to as a hidden condition because there are no visible signs that one is hooked on playing casino games. Some of the factors that show a gambler that they are addicted include:

  • Being secretive about gambling

When it reaches the point where an individual has to hide when gaming, it means that there’s something to it than just playing for fun. Most of the gamers that feel the need to be secretive may be encountering subsequent losses and may have begun using money that was set aside for other activities for their gambling ventures. They may be doing this with the hope that they will win big and surprise the people around them.

  • Have trouble controlling their venture

Time and money are two resources that go into gambling a whole lot. Gamers who cannot manage the time they spend in any gaming establishment or budget their gambling funds adequately are slipping into a problem. Apart from professional gamblers, the rest should have a grip on how much time and money they spend betting. When one is unable to control these two factors, they should consider getting help.

  • Gambling money they don’t have

Only career gamblers strive to make a living out of gambling while other casinos users are known to visit gaming destinations for leisure. Cash spent in an online casino should not be a priority over other basic needs. If one is getting into debts and selling other things to raise money for playing, then it is a problem, and the player should start thinking of ways to stop.

  • Gambling to control emotion

Some players resort to gambling when they are distressed about certain things. During the spur of the moment, it is possible to make decisions that will have a long-lasting ripple effect that may cause the player to get more stressed, making him or her play even more. Normal day life for most people is hectic, this then means that using gambling as a way to forget issues in life may become a more significant problem in the long run.

  • Gambling to solve money problems

How to Stop GamblingOnce gaming becomes a focus for an individual to raise money for whatever purpose, it becomes difficult for them to disconnect from the habit. Chances that they will always fall back on gambling to solve their monetary problems may arise from time to time. The frequency of this happening is also high, which indicates that over time the problem will occur again.

There are many resources up on the internet that gamers can use to evaluate themselves to see if they have a gambling problem or not. Several tested quizzes have been availed, and any score above half the number of questions available shows that the gamer may have a problem. After identifying that one has a problem, the next phase is accepting the results and trying to find solutions. Gamblers can confide in their family or close associates on their issue so that they get support to help them through their recovery journey.

Tips to Help Stop Gambling

There are many ways for players to solve their betting issues as dictated by the severity of the problem. Some gamers are only starting to develop gambling problems, and it may be easier for them to control the habit and eventually stop. Other players have conditions that are deeply rooted and may take a lot of time and disciple to correct. Some of the tips that have been put across for players to fight their addiction to gamble are:

  • Admit that they have a problem

The first step that gamers should take to help them stop gambling is to admit that they have a problem. Once this factor is out of the way, then other solutions can come in to help the gambler through the next phases of letting go. Self-acceptance is important because it places the player at a position of vulnerability where they accept that they need help, which then makes it easier for other people to come in and help.

  • Seek support

Overcoming deeply rooted habits are hard for a person who is doing it alone. Enlisting the help of other people is beneficial in many ways. When seeking persons to confide in, players should go to an individual they have a connection with. Away from familiarity, gamers can join support groups that have been established to help recovering gamblers. Doing it alongside other people helps a player to open up about the underlying problems that may be manifesting through gambling.

  • Find new or rekindle old hobbies

Finding something else to do during free times is a right way for players to fill the time they spent gaming. Being preoccupied with other exciting activities that players enjoy being a part of in most instances washes away the urge to gamble. The newfound interests can involve rigorous activities or players can opt for relaxing tasks that engage the brain to keep away from thinking about gambling. Gamblers who use virtual gaming sites that are available for mobile can find new games to play when they are in transit or during their short breaks. For a start, these gamers can go from staking real money to playing free games then finally stopping altogether.

  • Plan activities to cover all the free time available

Planning plays a crucial role in helping gamers to fight their problems. Here, players plan their schedules with free times being filled up with the new interest that players would have discovered. Filling up free times leaves no opportunity for gambling thoughts to creep in. Having the discipline to stick to the pre-planned activities is the one factor that determines whether this tip will work towards helping a player achieve their objective or not.

  • Pinpoint the self-sabotage triggers

During the self-evaluation process, gamers should be able to identify circumstances that push them to gamble even when deep down they know they shouldn’t. These factors arise mostly towards special occasions or when the players are anxious about something, and they need to let out some steam. Knowing which elements generate their urge to play is one factor that will help them develop coping mechanisms that will be effective in a specific situation.

These tips and many others on the internet may work for most players but not all. If the issue has been on for a while with no visible changes, then gamblers may seek professional help. Therapy has been proven to work for some people more effectively than others.

In Brief

To stop gambling is primarily a gambler’s initiative. It is an individual who chooses whether to gamble or not. The decision to start a clean-up is a gambler’s personal choice and must come from within them, not to please their family or friends but for their well-being. Individuals coming in to help must research so that they implement solutions that will have a long-lasting effect to prevent gamers from sliding back into their old habits.