Pro Gambler vs Amateur

18 Mar 2020

Professional gamblers weren’t born with some special talents that make them better at gambling than amateur players. They were once amateurs themselves, but have been able to improve their skills over time in various ways. They have been able to sharpen their gambling skills through deliberate effort and practice, which has helped them to have a better edge over the casino house or other players. From the list below we will come to know what do professional gamblers do that amateurs do not.

The List of What Distinguishes a Pro Gambler from Amateur

Pro Gambler’s Choice Amateur’s Choice
Will mostly prefer games such as blackjack or poker Prefers simple luck-based games such as video slots and fruit machines
Approaches every game with a positive mindset, improves strategy, adopts new techniques Will come back to the same game over and over again without improving skills or changing moves
Reads all stated T&Cs carefully, analyzes game rules Does not go through the rules and regulations thoroughly
Takes advantage of different rewards, bonuses, freebies as much as possible Often overlooks nice promotions, does not pay attention to match deposit bonuses
Keeps trace of the budget, often doesn’t bet big amounts Bets higher amounts that can’t be afforded
Does not prioritize gambling, takes care of one’s emotional and physical health Doesn’t take care of the state of health
Develops the emotional resilience to play efficiently Is often influenced by different circumstances
Has knowledge of human behaviour Does not know what to expect from other players, is not able to predict
Can disguise his own emotions and intentions Can’t disguise own emotions and intentions
Looking out for extra opportunities to make additional money Is focused on something certain
Thinking of different and alternative ways of gambling Switches hardly to the different way of gambling

selecting the perfect british casino game

Selecting the Perfect British Casino Game

The difference between a professional UK gambler and an amateur is that unlike the amateur, the professional would not begin playing any game that is thrown at them. An amateur would prefer simple luck-based games such as video slots and fruit machines. Playing these games do not require a lot of skill or technique, as they are mostly based on a lucky chance. The player will be at the mercy of factors like probability, which is beyond the player’s control.

While these games might offer opportunities for making some quick money, a British professional player will mostly prefer games such as blackjack or poker. These titles require a thorough understanding of the games and their rules and winning at them requires a certain amount of skill and acumen. A certain amount of analytical skill is also required for betting on cricket, rugby, horse racing, and football games. A professional gambler tip is that these games are much more profitable than the chance-based slots and roulette wheels.

challenging and learning

Challenging and Learning

Professional players approach every game with a positive mindset. They keep in mind the fact that every time they lose, they get to learn something new about the game. They can then alter their strategies and device new moves and techniques that will help them to overcome the house edge. The house edge is the mathematical advantage that a particular title or the gambling house has over the player, and it may vary from 1-5% depending on the casino. The basic objective of every casino game is to win over this house edge.

Amateur players will come back to the same game over and over again without improving their skills or changing their moves. They will begin playing games without having gone through the rules and regulations thoroughly. Professional players, on the other hand, will challenge themselves by taking up harder games and learning from their mistakes. They will try out the new titles to bring up their skills and thereby improve the professional gambler salary.

make use of bonuses

Make Use of Freebies

Whether you are playing at an online casino or a land-based casino, you will often come across several opportunities to get free bonuses. These are usually offered to regular and longtime players, and sometimes you might need to be a part of the VIP club in order to avail of these perks. These freebies come in different forms:

  • Cashback
  • Rake back
  • Free play
  • Free meals
  • Free flights
  • Free hotel room
  • Coupons
  • Entry into freeroll tournaments

Pro gamblers will take advantage of these rewards as much as possible. These rewards will not only save you some money but also offer you the chance to play for free. A casual player will often overlook these bonuses, and this might happen because they are not regular or experienced players or maybe because they are not aware of their benefits. Even after you have made use of every promotional or bonus coupon, you might still be able to cash out a few extra benefits by asking around.

watch out for your bank balance

Watch out for Your Bank Balance

Playing at a casino can get very exciting, especially if you get lucky in the beginning and win a lot of rounds. This might instigate UK players to bet higher amounts – but that is the trait of an amateur. Once you run out of money, there is no more opportunity to make bets. A professional gambler UK has a better understanding of one’s finances and how they should be managed. They do not get carried away and make large bets when they should be rationing their deposits. Even if you are confident that you will get your money back, do not shell out more than you can afford. It is always wise to have some backup in case things go wrong.

take care of the health

Take Care of Your Health

It goes without saying that casinos are not very good for your health. Most of the activities in a casino are sedentary, and we all are aware of the problems that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The only exercise your body gets while playing at a casino is while you are visiting the restroom or are consciously taking a break. How to become a professional gambler? – They take care of their mind and body by providing it with the nourishment and rest it requires. They do not prioritize gambling, unlike the amateur player, over the health of their body and mind. Sometimes games like poker can go on for hours. A player needs a lot of focus and energy to play through all those long sessions. If a player is well-rested he will be able to give his best and win at the games.

have control over your emotions

Having Control Over Your Emotions

Playing at a casino can be a totally nerve-wracking experience. You have to go through a rollercoaster of emotions that might have a significant effect on your mental capacity. Players will find themselves winning one round after another, saving up a huge bounty, while in the next round they might find themselves losing all of it. Pro-gambling means not letting ourselves be influenced by these adverse circumstances. A gambler has to remain detached and calm in order to continue playing at his best capacity.

An amateur punter who is carried away by this emotional turbulence won’t find himself lasting long at the casino table. Professional UK players develop the emotional resilience to play efficiently at a game even after they have suffered badly at the last game. Finally, gambling can be a lonely affair if you are not playing with other players.

understanding of human behaviour

Understanding of Human Behaviour

Many casino games such as poker and blackjack involve players competing against other players. In order to win, it is necessary to have a better knowledge of human behaviour to deduce how the opponent is going to play or what type of card would they be dealing next. The difference between  professional gambling and amateur gambling is that professional gamblers are good at reading their opponents. This can only be achieved through focus and practice. Professional players engage in gambling with expert opponents and thereby are able to hone their detection skills. An amateur player will only be concerned about winning the game by reacting against the moves of their opponents and will not try to predict their succeeding moves.

Another factor of importance is how a player is able to disguise their own emotions and intentions. While you may be trying to figure out your opponent, they will also be trying to do the same. A professional gambler should be able to maintain a “poker face”, they can be mysterious and unpredictable, which helps them to win a game.

look for alternate gambling activities

Look for Alternate Gambling Activities

Successful gamblers are always looking out for extra opportunities to make some money. They are looking into places where British amateur players aren’t. They are thinking of different and alternative ways of gambling. The casino games are developed in a way that the house has the edge, but it is possible for the player not to engage with the casino. A lot of professional players make all types of side bets while they are in a game or they are not engaged in one. Bets might be made on the color of the next card or on the move that some other player is going to make.

These are excellent opportunities for players to win some extra money. By doing this, players can avoid the charges that are incurred when a bookie or middleman is involved. They can also avoid the professional gambler tax in the United Kingdom. Players are also betting against another player with whom they have a proper understanding and have good knowledge of the opponent’s skills. A casual gambler would not be taking the risk of engaging in gambling activities outside the books.

Closing Words

In the mentioned above list you will find interesting and useful features of professional players and other recommendations which will be helpful for becoming a professional gambler. A professional gambler has a better understanding of the games he is engaged in, the players he is competing with and the important features of the casino he is a part of. They are under complete control of their mental faculties and financial capabilities. An amateur player, on the other hand, gets easily carried away by their emotions and can therefore frequently lose a lot of money. They mostly engage in simple games and do not effectively take advantage of bonuses and promotional opportunities. They also tend to neglect their health while gambling, which makes them disadvantaged against professional gamblers. Amateur players can improve themselves by taking the gambling advice mentioned in this article.