7 Lucky Animals

18 Mar 2020

Different cultures and communities nurture their own beliefs and customs. That is why every country has its own realia and symbols (flowers, animals, natural phenomena, colors, signs) which can be seen on traditional clothing, furniture, tableware, etc.

Similarly, different cultures attach different ideas to luck and fortune, and in many cases, these ideas overlap with one another. Since time immemorial, people like to believe that the outcome of events and situations may be changed with the influence of lucky symbols, things or totems. Animalistic symbolism, for example, has a huge array of meanings. Many people believe that one can have enough skills, experience, and knowledge to do well in a particular field, and put in time and effort, but a small part of every event still depends on luck. It is also said that good fortune is very often associated with various animals. We do not know for sure if luck depends on something, but we thought you would like to try to gain its favor with the help of your lucky animal. Check below our good luck charms list.

What Are Your Lucky Animals?

How to choose your lucky animal? Well, this question is difficult and ambiguous, but we tried to work it out for you. Sometimes, countries relate a specific animal or signs to what brings good luck in their lives. Some animals are being prescribed according to your zodiac or date of birth, however, you can simply feel if the animal is lucky for you even without any data. It means that if you feel good emotions, have pleasant associations or memories about a specific animal, then, for sure, it is your lucky animal and your symbol of luck. Now we will take a look at seven lucky animals popular on slots to find out how they bring in good fortune for everyone, especially for gamblers and players worldwide. Here is the list of lucky charms consisting of seven good luck animals:

Pig As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Pig

Several cultures accept the pig as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and fertility. Pigs have been regarded as a symbol of wealth ever since the Middle Ages and continue to be equally important and well accepted as a Chinese lucky charm. Germany along with other Nordic countries consider the pig to be a lucky animal as it symbolizes prosperity and wealth. You can find symbols and pictures of a pig almost everywhere, especially on the bank signs and postcards. Pigs are usually depicted alongside money in the form of a moneybox. Banks with pig images have been used very popularly all over the world, and the idea comes from this particular belief that pigs are things thought to bring good luck. Little piggy charms can be found in the form of talismans, figurines, ornaments, and plastic toys, and can win the title of the best thing supposed to bring good luck.

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Scarab Beetle As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetles is associated with Ancient Egypt. They were thought to bring hope and good luck. Amulets were worn shaped like scarab beetles in the ancient Egyptian culture. Impression seals and swivel rings were also hugely popular. These trinkets were believed to protect one from evil powers and keep harm away. According to the Egyptian civilization, scarab beetles were associated with Khepri, the God of the rising sun, and his influences.

Scarab beetles have been portrayed in jewelry, artworks, and carvings. They were primarily used to make elegant and artsy depictions of life associated with luck in ancient times.

In today’s times, the scarab continues to be one of the most potent charms eternalizing life, wisdom, and defense. It is still believed to be the protector of the owner and is used in many cultures as a powerful symbol.

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Dragon As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Dragon

An essential part of the Chinese culture and traditions is a dragon. Dragon is a Chinese lucky symbol of wealth, prosperity, power, and good luck. It attracts positive energy to spaces and invites good vibes, protection, and good fortunes. Dragons play a vital role in the Chinese horoscope as well.

In Ancient China, it was believed that the Emperor was a descendant of the dragon. A dragon was thought to be the master of weather, water, and rains, and because of its good nature, this lucky animal was found in almost every household. Feng Shui shops make use of dragon figurines and seals.

Dragons continue to be visible on tattoos, jewelry, daily wear, and art forms all around the world. It is the most prominent symbol of fortune in China even today.

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Rabbit As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Rabbit

Western cultures embrace the rabbit as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The English society considers the rabbit as a good luck animal since the old times. You may often find people to gift rabbit figurines or stuffed toys to others as a symbol of luck and wealth.

The Americans brought in the idea of using a rabbit’s foot as good luck charms for money. To be more precise, a rabbit’s left foot is known to attract good fortune. In Northern Europe, children are gifted stuffed rabbits for successful lives.

Gamblers also tend to take particular interest in this sign of good luck. Consider the White Rabbit slot by Time Gaming for the best of your luck. It features 5 reels, 5×7 layout with the RTP of 97.72%.

Goldfish As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Goldfish

Goldfish is surprisingly on the list of lucky charms in many cultures. It is thought to fetch fertility, prosperity, and good luck in relationships in Ancient Greece. In Southern Europe, it is strongly related to good luck, and according to the Slavic Tales, if one catches a goldfish, their dreams come true. We see that goldfish is not only a symbol of luck but is also thought to possess magical powers.

Out of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha, goldfish happens to be one of them. The goldfish finds great usage in Feng Shui as well. For example, uneven numbers of goldfish are said to draw positivity.

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Phoenix As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Phoenix

One of the most significant and vital mystical creatures in Greek and Chinese mythology is the Phoenix.

This mythological animal lives forever as his death is the beginning of his birth (he dies being burnt, and then is reborn from the ashes)

Apart from being a symbol of luck and love, legends consider it to be a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The Chinese lucky symbols of the dragon and the Phoenix represent the Yin and Yang, respectively and have been depicted in Feng Shui accordingly. They complement each other well and are believed to bring peace and happiness to marriages and relationships.

Positive energy is abundant with Phoenix figurines while fame is expected with red figurines.

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Tiger As Your Lucky Animal

Lucky Animal Tiger

The tiger is one of the most powerful charms in Chinese culture. Known for its strength and fierceness in the animal kingdom, the tiger represents power and energy in various cultures. The Chinese God of Wealth, Tsai Sheh Yeh, is associated with the Chinese lucky charm of the tiger.

Tigers are a thing thought to bring good luck and expel evil forces. They are also Chinese lucky charms for money. Most players who spend a significant amount of time gambling, use tiger as their lucky sign and believe in its luck. Tiger talismans are hung on walls during the Chinese New Year to attract good and positive energy

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Concluding Thoughts

The list of good luck charms and good luck animals make us hope that the universe might favor us in our endeavors. This belief is needed for people since they can have all the necessary skills, but a small part of them hope for something more to work out in their favor. Hence, we place our beliefs in lucky charms hoping they can change the run of events.

To try to have luck on your side while gambling on casinos online, choose your totem from the mentioned list, try to play slot games dedicated to it, and find yourself excelling with the help of the good luck symbol animals.