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Sign up Bonus for Online Casino Games

17 Jun 2019

When you first decide to play some slots online for the money, you will see that when you are at the landing page, the casino offers some bonuses. Every casino has prepared the reward for you, it is on you to pick the one that fits. We will consider what is that what makes the casino bonuses good, how to pick and in what games they can be used to.

What is Casino Bonus?

Sign up Bonus for Online Casino GamesIn case you are wondering what casino bonuses are, and how to use them we are here to answer you. First of all, when you open the page, you will see, in most cases, a commercial welcome bonus. It is also known as sign up bonus, call it as you want, both names are correct. The next thing that you should focus on are the types of bonuses.

Types of Bonuses

Now, when you know what welcome bonus is we will see what types of bonuses are there. When it comes to rewards, the sign-up bonus can be represented in different methods. Each of these methods is suitable for players around the world.

  1. No deposit bonus is the very grateful one, and it is a great feature. It gives you a chance to try online casinos before depositing money. They vary from 2 to 25 pounds, and that seems quite low but don’t forget that they give you all this for free. You can find our more information about bonuses with no deposit need at this page As for the winnings, there are limits on how much you can win, and how much you can withdraw. First, you usually need to deposit some money before withdrawing. There are some types of it:
    • Free spins are part of no deposit bonuses, and they offer the different terms. Depending on a casino it will give you free spins for slots, the number of free spins is considered by the casinos. In some cases, they can be very high and you will come up with winning combinations without spending a dime.
    • Promotions are also known as time promotions. They are scheduled and they last for a certain period of time. For that particular time, you will have some chips and the goal is to win much more.
  2. Matching bonuses is a free money reward that casinos give to the players. This is not just the one for newcomers, it is also for existing players. The casino will match the deposit sum all the way to the percentage and max sum. This is called the boosted bankroll. Matching bonuses are very appealing because they are even for small deposits.
  3. Percentage bonuses are all about how much money you will deposit. For example, if you deposit 50 pounds you will get a bonus of fifty percent. So, if you deposit more money, you will get more percentage of the reward.

Now, when you’ve seen what bonuses are available for newcomers, it is time for you to play. Keep in mind that every bonus depends on the casino. For every deposit you will get bonuses, but not like the welcome. It will come in different forms, and it varies from place to place.

Right Casino for Welcome Bonus

This is something all of the players will ask. How to choose the best welcome bonus? It can be very hard to find what you want. Finding a top casino signup bonus is not simple, but we will help you in this case. The things are different, and the gambling industry has come along the way with some great software and more advanced features. You should check before signing up the percentage of the bonus. Look for the maximum sum you will acquire in the end. Don’t just stick up to one casino, look for the better deals and be aware of scams. Most casinos will not let you get your money when you want it. You can be stuck in process of waiting, so while signing up check terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings.

Slottyvagas casino BonusPack

Casinos Where You Get Most for Slots

Every casino has its own policy and terms. You should read them carefully and decide if the terms and conditions are suitable for you. After reading everything you are still in doubt because it is your money, not someone else. Even if you are playing with no deposit, you must assure that the casino will give your winnings. These are the casinos considering most reliable:

BetAtBetAt Casino Logo – offer to double your cash with a minimum deposit of 20£. Depending on your deposit the bankroll goes up to 500£. That means that you can end up with 1000 to play with. The good thing they have is that you can withdraw your money when you want, and you can withdraw it all. The second thing is that you don’t have to wait more than the couple of hours to get paid.


SlottyVegasSlotty Vegas Casino Logo – will give you 50 free spins on the top of 500 pounds. This only stands for some slot games. To be more exact slots/ casual games. Free spins can be used just for the seven games.



JackpotCity – is one of the best on the market. They will give you four times match bonus up to 400. That stands for each deposit you make. In total it will be all the way to 1600 pounds. So that makes it one of the best casinos to play for.

SpinPalace – has a great promotion of welcome bonus. On your first deposit you get 100% match up, for the second, you will get 25%, and on third deposit, you get fifty percent match up.

If you decided to play slots for real money, then these are the casinos where you will get most for your money. Because every casino has its own system of rewards without this list, it would be hard to choose the best. Just try to understand that this is an encouragement for you to try and continue gaming

Why Bonus?

There are a lot of reasons to use them. The one reason is that, you get more money. It is simple as that, and when you get more money, you will have more chances to play and stay longer at the game. The bonuses will help you win, and with a promotion, you can win even more.

The online gambling has never been bigger than now. The time and technology changed everything. Now you can be safe at your home and play whenever you like. Most of the casinos have mobile applications where you can play. See, you don’t even need a laptop or desktop, you can access it however you want. There are even mobile game specific bonuses so check them too. If you get stuck by any chance or something is not clear contact support.