The 20 Best Gambling Quotes and Sayings

18 Mar 2020

There is no doubt or denial of the fact that people from all over the globe are really attracted by gambling. Nowadays, online casinos became the best alternative to the land-based casinos since it is very convenient to play from the place you like and at any time you want. Cards and table games have been popular in Europe since the 17th century, and since then the gambling process with its eternal compounds like strong emotions of losing and winning money has inspired many celebrities to come out with inspirational quotes about gambling in order to give an insight into the casino and to highlight the betting experience. There are plenty of phrases and sayings on the internet about gaming luck, casino gaming process, casino players, etc. that will inspire each and every bettor to venture deep into this world.

There are many different opinions about gambling. Some are for it, some against, but there are no those who stay indifferent. Therefore, a variety of gambling phrases were created to express many thoughts and opinions. Here is a compilation of some of the best slogans and gambling words that you can keep in mind when you are trying your hand at the favourite casino games.

The 5 Best Inspirational Quotes about Casino Online for UK Players

If you are at any gaming website or a brick-and-mortar gaming house, you are sure to come across many good luck sayings and attractive taglines. The casino sayings might be good luck adages, funny maxims or might be even providing some insights about the game tactics to inspire the player.

Quotes About Players

gambling quotes by hunter thompson

There is no doubt that gamblers from Britain need to be very cautious in their approach when playing games. It does offer a lot of chances to earn big, but one should never be greedy or think of this as just a source to generate some quick extra cash. You should always look to have fun and enjoy when trying the various games on offer.

Gambling Slogans

gambling quotes by michelle madow

It is very clear that there is no bigger stage where a person can earn millions of pounds at the blink of an eye than an online gaming club. It is a very tempting place, and one can get lured by the wide variety of chances of earning millions of pounds. Gambling with caution and trying with free chips is always advised.

Success Quotes

gambling quote by kin hubbart

This is one gambling quote that all bettors must have in mind before playing. The humorist is saying that this is an unsecured investment and a high risk one. There are chances of losing everything. The best option to make your pockets feel fatter is to fold the bills and place it in the pocket rather than wagering with it.

Winning Quotes

gambling quote by baltasar morales

Morales offers the best advice to the gamblers, and these types of casino quotes must always linger in the gambler’s mind when playing. There is no better option than quitting when you have won more than what you have invested. Luck will not favor you consistently and therefore be satisfied with what you win.

Casino Sayings

gambling quote by terrence murphy

Anyone can try his/her hand at casino titles. The rules can be mastered in a couple of hours, but it would take a lifetime to get to know the game. A player must be able to make the right decisions and know when to put an end to betting.

The Best Gamblers Quotes for British Betting Enthusiasts

It has been thousands of years since people have been betting and playing casino games. There have been a few casino gambling quotes that have been a big motivation for the players and have given them the much-needed boost every time they felt a bit down. A quote about gambling could be sometimes funny, inspirational or one that makes you think deep.

gambling quotes by julius weintraub

The chip is a very important and integral part of table titles. They are a very easy choice to put into the pot or to wager with than liquid cash. This is one item on a roulette table that can keep the play organized and is sturdier than paper.

gambling quotes by mitch hedberg

Mitch, the comedian, in this quote says that he was more addicted to sitting in the company of strangers around the table rather than placing bets. He loved Blackjack and was a die-hard fan of it. But, it does not mean he went for broke. This is one thought that famous compulsive gamblers must always bear in mind and know their limits.

gambling quote by jackie robinson

This athlete has hit the nail in the coffin with this quote on gambling. It shows the precarious mind that the bettor is on when it at a casino. He is facing a strange dilemma and situation every time on whether to quit or to carry on despite losing or winning. This saying shows that a bettor is not happy with what he/she has achieved. The player is also afraid of losing and would always look to bet more so that he/she gets lucky the next time. What this proverb teaches us is to know where to stop.

gambling quote by phil hellmuth

This quote about gambling, especially about the importance of luck, from Hellmuth, is an edifying one. It is very clear from this that even novice and unskilled players also have equal chances of hitting the hefty prize. The only thing they want by their side is luck. He says that the right mix of skill and luck plays a major role in succeeding at many of the casino titles.

gambling quote chinese proverb

If you are looking at some of the best gambling sayings, then this one falls in this category. It is very evident from the wording that any UK bettor needs to know the rules of the title and what he/she is wagering for. The gamer must be fully aware of the play and should be definite in the choice of when to stop, no matter what happens.

The 5 Top Sayings about Card Games

gambling quote by shunryu suzuki

There is nothing to be worried about if you are playing against experienced and seasoned card enthusiasts. All you have to do is to play with high spirits and to the best of your knowledge and the rest will take care of itself. There are plenty of options in front of you and who knows you might have chosen one that takes you to glory.

gambling quote by oscar wilde

This is a very good quote on gambling that you need to always keep close to your heart. There is no way you get your hands on the jackpot by cheating. Play fair and without any cheating mentality when you have a good or a bad hand, and you are sure to come up trumps.

gambling quote by jeannette walls

Here, there is a comparison between the deck of cards and life. You might get a different card set on every deal. Whether you use the dealt cards to your advantage is completely in your hands and not in anyone else’s. There is no point in finding fault with what you get, and you need to try to make the best of it and get to winning ways.

gambling quote by brian tracey

This is one of the popular luck quotes. It says that you need to be ready and wait for the luck or the magic moment to happen. It will only take place if you are ready to take some risks when dealing with cards. You need to push yourselves to the limits, and this is when more chances to win open up. If you happen to be lucky, make sure you are not carried away with it and use it with caution.

gambling quote by voltaire

No one can predict what type of cards he/she will get. The dealer might not be dishing out the best set. Once you open yours, it is up to you to make the right decisions at the right time to make the most out of what you have. Strive hard to get to a win.

The 5 Best Motivation and Decision Making Proverbs in Gambling

gambling quote irish proverb

One of the biggest sins that a gambler makes is to go behind the losses. This will only put you in the soup and drive you to further loss. If you have won what you were aiming for, then stop betting. This will help in cutting the losses.

gambling quote andrew beyer

If you want to be a very good gambler, then you need to keep your emotions in check. It is one of the biggest enemies of the bettor. No matter you win or lose, do not get emotionally carried away. This could lead to losses. You should know when to quit.

gambling quote by flemming ian

This is one of the sayings you need to bear in mind whenever hitting the casino. This is one of the important win quotes that will make you a different player. It is from the popular James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’. There is no point in cursing your bad luck and blaming her for your loss. This is what most of the losers do. You need to try out and get out of the bad play you are in. You should have the guts and the courage to wriggle out of tough situations.

gambling quote anonymous

This might sound harsh. But, it is clear that one person is going to have the edge over the other when two people are wagering the same amount of money. If you are having fun despite realizing that the odds are stacked against you, then you are not a fool.

gambling quote chico marx

The above quote should be the mindset of everyone looking to gamble. One day you might be the winner and the other day you might lose badly. You need to understand that you can win some day and lose someday. Be prepared for both.

Get Inspired and Start Your Game

It is important to remember that you need to gamble responsibly and always play it in the good spirits. These inspirational sayings and pep talks are sure to give you the necessary guidelines and get you inspired to try out playing at casinos.