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What Are Cahsback Promotions

06 Jul 2019

Betting in some online casinos can pay out sometimes even when losing. Gaming houses are constantly offering special welcome promotions and bonuses to its costumers. This way, they ensure constant player flow, attracting new gamblers worldwide. There are plenty of unique bonuses that bettors can gain in almost any online betting site. One of the most known is a cash back opportunity. A cash-back means that a player will get a determined amount of money back depending on how much cash he/she deposited or spent while gambling. Gaming platforms have different offers, terms, and conditions related to this feature.What Are Cahsback Promotions

Welcome Money Cashback

When a gambler creates the account for the first time, and finish the registrations process (only gamblers over 18 years old can complete it), he/she can deposit funds for the first time. Most casinos offer welcome packages where a player can actually claim a cash-back in a matter of starting bonus. The most common welcome package is a 100% first deposit bonus. Bettors need to select the desired payment method and infuse money for the first time. For example, if a player deposited 300$, return or the bonus he/she will get is 300$ more. It is important to carefully read all the terms and conditions related to this bonus because betting sites sometimes have many limitations and wagering requirements, which makes this cash-back bonus difficult to gain. Before infusing any money check out:

  • What is the wagering requirement for extra money? This is extra bonus money, but a player must fulfill all conditions before he/she can use it freely. The wagering requirement is a condition that gamers must fulfill to be able to transfer bonus cash into a total credit balance. Sometimes this limit can be 30, 50, 80 or more times the bonus amount. This means that bettors must gamble their extra money 80 times first.
  • Time limitations for completing the wagering requirement. Most of the casinos give their bettors 30 days to complete it. Some are much shorter, like 7 days from a moment when cash is deposited. Sometimes a player must gamble every day, or they will not be able to gain a cash-back from their deposit.
  • Gamblers from some countries are not allowed to use this bonus or they have higher wagering conditions.

Betting sites offer these return promotions to gamers who deposited the money even after the first time (second, third, etc.). For the next time, a player will most likely get smaller cashback, 50% for example. Some gambling houses provide bonus spins on top of that return money. This will additionally boost gamers account allowing him/her to spin the wheel of fortune even more. This extra money can be used for testing new casino games or for making more money. One of the biggest advantages when using this free real money is that a player can gamble without worrying about spending his/her own cash.

Cashback for Losing

What Are Cahsback PromotionsBetting sites often offer a cash- back to its player for losing. This is a special promotion that not all betting houses give to their members. This is a smart move to attract new gamblers and keep the old ones still betting. Cashback that is based on losses works so that a gambler will receive a determined percentage of the money he/she lost during the week for example. If a gamer spent 100% and a casino is offering 10% return, this means that a player will get 10$ but only if he/she is losing. Betting sites have a determined norm for losing. If a gamer won some money during the week, cash-back funds will not be available. Sometimes gaming houses have a maximum limit for returning cash to a player. If for example, a gambler gambled 1000$, return money is 10% and a maximum cash-back is 80$, a gambler cannot gain more than 80$. It all varies from site to site, so before betting check out all the terms and conditions. It is not bad for bettors to determine a gambling limitation so that they will receive the maximum return every time. Make sure to read the terms related to this bonus to use it as much as possible.

Cashback Based on a Total Bet Amount

This is one of the most desired promotions among gamers. A cash-back which is based on a total amount of money that a player gambled is different from a weekly return. This bonus guarantee that money will be returned no matter if a player wins or not. This actually means that the more bettors wager, the higher will be the cash amount that will be returned. Some casinos will offer a 20% return in a matter of real money, and some will give a player 50 free spins for a certain game.

When Can a Gamer Get a Cashback?

These special promotions are usually time limited, meaning that gamers will have a determined period while they can bet to receive a cashback. It all depends on a promotion type. If a gambler is using a cash-back for losing promotions, he/she will probably receive the money at the end of a week or month. Welcome package bonuses are in most cased paid immediately after the deposit was made, a player can use this free return money right away.

Why Use a Return Cash Promotion?

Return money is beneficial for casinos and bettors. By offering a cash-back, bettors will continue to bet there knowing that they will always have more money to place no matter if they win or lose. A gambler can use this bonus to:

  • Boost his/her account in the begging. Welcome packages allow bettors to gain a small advantage by obtaining a cashback bonus. This extra reward is one of the most used in a world of gaming due to the fact that it gives many options for testing games that a player didn’t try before. There is no risk of losing deposited money, so gamers can just lay back and enjoy in their cash-back welcome packages. You can also follow this link and find some of new no depsit bonuses.
  • Gamble more aggressively. When players know that they will receive extra cash, regardless of the outcome, they can try new betting strategies and gamble with more risk.
  • Play more relaxed. This is the main reason why bettors like to use a return-cash option. Gaming is much more relaxing when playing with free money.

The best way to increase winning chances is to play longer, and return money promotions can give that advantage to a player. The more a gamer bets, the higher are the odds that big reward can be won. When gamers are betting and know that they will receive extra money even if they lose, they will risk more often which means that some of the higher payouts can be won that way. Check out many return cash promotions at your favorite online casino site. But don’t rush into it. Some betting places have wagering requirements that are hard to fulfill, so don’t waste your time gambling there. If some of the terms are not clear, it is best to contact a live service to make sure that you can use a cashback promotion without any obstacles. This promo money is definitively something that every player wants to claim, because of many advantages that it provides.