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What Are Reload Bonuses?

17 Jun 2019

Most of the popular online casinos have various means of rewarding the registered players who have already claimed their welcome bonus. One of the most popular bonuses offered by online gaming sites after the welcome package is the reload bonus. With the reload bonus you can gain more gaming money that will allow you play even more games while spending less. A reload bonus gives you the chance of claiming a certain percentage of your original deposit as a bonus. It may be a one-time thing or a recurrent offer that you can claim as long as you keep playing at the gaming site.

What Are Reload Bonuses imageTypically, the percentage of the reload bonus that many gaming sites offer lies between 50% and 100% but may go as high as 150% and even 200% of your deposit if the casino is generous enough. At times, this kind of offer is also supplemented by extra free spins that are triggered upon depositing. To help you understand how this type of offer works, today’s post will take a deeper look at this reward and break it down into digestible chunks just for you.

Difference Between a Reload Bonus and a Welcome Bonus

As we’ve already established, a reload bonus is a reward that is presented by online casinos to clients who in the past placed a deposit but stopped gaming at the casino since their funds were used up. Depending on the casino, the house may award you by topping up your account with credits or e free spins right after you reload your account with some bankroll.

A reload bonus differs from the welcome offer because the welcome deal is a one-time reward to new customers when creating an account for the very first time. To get a reload bonus, on the other hand, you must already be a member of the site, and you should have spent a specific amount of cash at the lobby at least once or as per the casino’s requirements.

In the majority of cases, reload goodies are normally lower than the package in welcome bonus, possibly because they may be offered several times to one player and in the long term can work out to be more rewarding. While the new player offers are there to get you to sign up at a gaming site and test out what’s on offer, the main aim of a reload bonus is to lure previous clients back into playing real money games at the online casino and to inspire new customers to carry on playing as well.

How the Reload Bonuses Work

There are two categories of reload bonuses, and the kind of bonus you get will rely on how long you have been playing with the particular online casino.

1. Reload Rewards Tied to the Welcome Promotion

The first form of the reload bonus is the one that is tied to your original deposit. Time and again, online casinos will offer a tiered bonus makeup which pays out numerous times as you deposit more funds into your account. A case in point would be a 100% bonus on your first deposit going up to £100, then followed by a 50% bonus on your second deposit going up to £50, followed by 25% on your third deposit bonus going up to £25, then lastly followed by a 125% bonus on your fourth deposit which goes up to £100.

What Are Reload Bonuses imageIn a tiered bonus structure such the one above, the second deposit and third deposit bonuses offer less than the welcome bonus, with the fourth deposit bonus presenting significantly more. Many online casinos had noted that most of the gamblers were making initial deposits just to take advantage of the welcome bonus but were never reloading their account when their original funds became drained. This led to the online casinos coming up with a tiered bonus structure such as the one above. Such a structure aims to lure the client in by offering consequent reload bonuses with the hope that by the fourth bonus the client is fully and truly captivated and will continue gaming for a longer time.

2. Reloads for Keeping Ongoing Members on Board

The second kind of reload bonus is presented to gamblers who in the past deposited cash in the online casino but have not signed in or played for a certain time. Bettors will often get this bonus by email, and they usually require a bonus code to trigger it at the checkout. Basically, the house does this to lure you back into the lobby with the incentive.

The Terms and Conditions of Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses normally come with a set of terms and conditions that must be bet. Otherwise, the house will not allow you to withdraw your earnings from your account. In most cases, any reload bonus the casino offers you must be spent at the casino, and the reward is given in the form of gaming cash, meaning that it cannot be withdrawn. But then again, even though quite rare, you may find the reload rewards in some casinos withdrawable.

At times, your reload bonus cannot also be released till you play a certain number of games. In any case, going through the requirements of any reload promotion before you officially load money into your account is of great importance. So, to give you an idea of what you should expect with such offers below are some of the terms and conditions that come with this promotion in most betting sites;

1. Wagering Requirement

As a rule of thumb, you must confirm the rollover requirements of the promotion as this is the most common condition attached to the reload bonus. If you didn’t know, the wagering, playthrough or roll over requirement usually stipulates the amount you need to bet with before you can make any withdrawals after getting the offer. This condition is usually symbolised by a multiplication symbol and an integer to signify the number of times you must play through the bonus or the bonus plus initial deposit. For instance, x35 means that you should rollover thirty-five times.

2. Applied to Specific Games Only

Normally casino reload bonuses are only playable on certain games. The games may be different slot machines only or even specific slot machine titles alone in the case of free spin reload promotions. Furthermore, not all games may count equally towards meeting the requirements. From the stipulated one, some games may only count for a certain percentage of the of the bets made while others contribute 100%. Generally, most of the online casino reload bonuses are best played on slot machines. The slot machines usually contribute a larger part to the wagering requirements compared to other games available.

3. Players Awarded

Casino reload bonuses are always awarded to gamers who have in the past made deposits. So, if you have never made a deposit within a specific period within the minimum deposit requirement, you won’t benefit from this lucrative promotion.

Bear in mind that there are plenty of other conditions that come with this offer and to secure your benefits, it’s best that you make a point of reading all the terms and conditions. That way, when it comes to cashing out, you will never be met by any unpleasant surprises.

When Do Casinos Offer Reload Bonuses?

As a punter, you can get reload bonuses on various terms and conditions. Certain online casinos issue their players with reload bonuses once in a while or after a particular number of deposits. Other online casinos will send some of their client’s promotional emails, and some may award their customers with reload bonuses for holidays, special occasions, and so on.

At a certain point, most of the online casino players are qualified for various reload casino bonuses. And during such a time you will have a potential to increase your bankroll after claiming the offer. Again, whatever the case, make sure that you read the fine-print first and if the bonus seems rewarding enough with friendly requirements, accept it.

Make the Most of Your Casino Reload Bonuses!

Reload bonuses are a wonderful means of enhancing your bankroll. This kind of promotion will come in handy especially when you experience losing streaks as this promotion may help you recover you your cash and offer you more playing time. And by the way, the chances of you hitting major jackpots especially in progressive slot machines get better as you keep on playing.

With that in mind, why don’t you choose an online casino that offers a reload bonus from the list of our recommended betting sites? Above all, never forget always to read and abide by all the terms and conditions so that you can make the most out of the offer and walk away from the lobby a winner. Happy gaming!