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What is a Welcome Bonus?

06 Jul 2019

What is a Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus represents a total sum of credits that is a particular percentage of the first deposit in your selected casino. The welcome bonuses are all over the world now, and casinos have embraced them, making them a key element to look for before you begin playing. Below is an explanation of how the casinos credit your balance once you sign up.

  1. Your first deposit is taken into account
  2. The percentage awarded to the welcome bonus is calculated using a free calculator on the website. So it is possible even to make the calculations yourself.
  3. Finally, the total sum is credited to the player’s account. You will receive a notification message that will give you the details of your transaction, and you will see your account’s balance.

It is vital to note that welcome bonus percentage differs according to various casinos but in most cases, it is a hundred percent. The gamblers are also eligible to receive free spins that are an additional to the sign-up bonus after depositing. Also, the gambling world comprises of casinos that are generous enough so as to keep their customers. Also, there is another means to grant players the popular welcome bonus and this can be accomplished through a free play round. Players will manage to play without using their cash one whole round as a result of the free credits awarded to you. However, the casinos have established a time frame. You are mandated to work within the time frame before it expires. As a player, be careful and analyze the welcome bonus to know if it is cashable by reading through the wagering requirements to be certain.

A sign-up bonus is a welcoming gesture to attract players from all over by rewarding them to keep them coming for more. It represents the primary competitive advantage that the online casinos have over the land based casino. Also, it is a great way to start your gaming that does not require you to deposit huge amounts because they also award minimum deposits. Nothing is in the way of you winning big. Everything is motivating you to select that game and proceed to become a winner.

How the Sign-up Bonuses Work

People have been asking this question a lot. Well, today your cries have been heard, and your question answered. First and foremost, visit the online world and register an online account and become a member of a particular casino so that you can enjoy this incredible offer. After becoming part of the online casino, deposit your first amount using the listed payment options. You have a variety of options, but you have to select one that is fit for you and that will not give you a hard time. Then sift through the different sign-up bonuses to get a hint of what you are likely to receive. Most importantly, read through the listed terms and conditions not forgetting the wagering requirements for a chance to understand every detail. Do not miss out on anything because they will act as a guide through the whole process of placing your odds and the play in general. Once the online casinos verify you, you will receive the sign-up bonus as part of the welcome token of appreciation. There are diverse welcome bonuses that include

  • Free spins. With the free spins, one is awarded a selected number of spins in each round for free. You get to play and increase your stakes. The can be two, three or even more spins depending on the offer that you have landed.
  • Deposit match bonus. A player’s deposit is matched with a particular percentage just as the name suggests. For example, a casino might award you a hundred percent match for every one hundred dollar deposit. It is more of doubling your deposit, giving you additional playtime.
  • Percentage bonus. People might argue that they work similar to the match bonus. It is not entirely true, but they have some relations. What sets them apart is the fact that the casino does not match your deposit. They, however, grant you a percentage after you deposit. It varies from one casino to the other. For example, a player might be awarded 70% for every 200-pound deposit.

Pointers when Selecting Welcome Bonuses

What is a Welcome BonusPlayers have a hard time selecting the casinos with the best casino bonus because they are thousands of them out there. It is a hard task to have to look into every casino as you continue your search. Below is a sample of helpful facts that will assist you in making an easy decision to lighten your burden. It will assist you to know what to look for in the next search. As a player, watch out for the bonuses that have a bigger value. Monetary value will increase your play time and will automatically improve your stakes. However, you need to be careful because sometimes bigger is not better. Instead look for value when you have been awarded the free spins.

It is essential to pay more attention to the stated wagering requirements because in most cases, the big bonuses comprise of very high wagering requirements. Read through to see if the value matches the conditions before you proceed.

Try Depositing the Maximum Always

Become a member of various online casinos to enjoy multiple bonuses. There are no restrictions when you want to maximize on your gambling endeavors. However, as much as you would want to maximize, do not open up more than one account in one casino. It is a punishable offense by either termination of your account or restricting your accounts’ withdrawal.

Select a bonus that actually fits your needs because some may not help you that much. For example, when playing the table games, free spins may not have so much value compared to a free bonus round.

The Wagering Requirements

As stated, wagering conditions are important. Casinos use them as a protection mechanism from players likely to abuse the systems. There are those players that are capable of cashing out the total amount and then disappear from the casino. Therefore, the need to set up conditions to prevent this from happening arose. A player will be obliged to wager the sign-up bonus a couple of times sometimes I may be 40x before one can cash out the desired amount. It is vital to analyze the set conditions to ensure that you are in a position to meet them because some might be higher than you can imagine. Players should know what they are signing up for to eliminate the chances of them calling out casinos for fraud without any basis.

A No Deposit Bonus

It is also offered to the newbies but is different from the original sign up bonus. This type of bonus does not require one to deposit differentiating it from the popular welcome bonus. Currently, they are not so common. We just felt the urge to mention them so that players do not get confused once they stumble on them while playing. Just as the sign-up bonus gamblers need first to register their account to become a member before you get awarded, the casinos will award one with a certain amount that can be used before the start of the gaming session. Other casinos issue players with free spins and one round of play as an alternative to free cash.

Before you can actually make a claim of your awarded bonus, first understand how the casino operates and handle the promotions because there are others that use codes and others simply redeem them for you. One just needs to fill the code in the cashier unit, and the system will automatically redeem it. Other casinos may require you to send the code to the team of support for them to redeem. Additionally, there are those casinos that automatically redeem the bonus, and you will not have the hustle of going through the procedures. The amount is credited to your registered account allowing you to begin your session. Online casinos are clearly competing to have the highest number of players. Take full advantage of the competition and get the most out of it by registering with various casinos. You never know. You might be the next millionaire just from gambling.