There are hundreds of casinos online. There are more being created monthly, and all casinos promise to give you the best of online gambling. This competition has created a need for owners to find ways to attract players to their casino and not the next one. While offering great games and services, making depositing and withdrawing funds from the casino easier, and being affiliated with other amazing entities gets a casino far, it still does not get far ahead of the others.

It is, perhaps, for this reason, that casinos started offering incentives to punters. These incentives are meant to draw new players to the house and ensure that those who are members already keep coming to play there and not to the next casino. The creation of incentives brought about bonuses. While there are bonuses offered for individual games to encourage players to keep playing that particular game, the ones offered by casinos are also quite similar.

Types of Incentives

There are variations in the types of bonuses that you will find at a casino:

  1. For New Players.
  2. For repeat punters
  3. For VIP clients
  4. Bonus features for slots

Our focus will be on the awards that are offered to new players.

Bonuses for New Players

Before other bonuses can be offered to players, it is imperative that a casino actually has players registered with them. This is why the new player bonuses are important. They are meant to draw punters to sign up with the casino for the very first time. In order for the player to sign up at one house and not the next, the types of incentives offered to matter. It is for this reason that casinos have heavily invested in this bonus.

Types of New Player Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses offered to new punters. We will expound on each of these types. Important to remember, first, is that there are usually no bonuses offered to gamblers playing at a casino for free. Playing for free does not usually require that one signs up with the house. You can, therefore play, for free as you test the games the casino offers, as well as their graphics and quality of their games and services. Once you are satisfied that the casino is worth your money, then you can sign up and start playing with real money. This is when you will start enjoying the bonuses the casino has to offer.

This bonus is offered to new players when they register an account with a casino. This bonus is offered even before the punter makes a deposit into the account. All that is required is a sign-up and voila! You will have some bonus awarded to you. The catch for it, however, is that you have to make your own deposit in order to have access to this bonus. Besides the deposit you make, you will also have to meet the wagering requirement which is usually quite high.

This free spin bonus has been replacing the no deposit bonus in recent times. More and more casinos prefer to offer free spins as a sign-up bonus before a deposit can be made. The casino will award you with spins that will reward you with real money if you win. There are wagering requirements for the free spins too. The free spins may be awarded to a specific gaming machine which means that you will have to play that specific game or slot in order to have access to the free spins on offer.

It is awarded to players when they have finally made a deposit into the casino. The welcome bonus usually comes as a percentage where the new player is given a percentage of the amount they have deposited. The bonuses vary with many of them being a 100% match up bonus. There is a limit casinos also place on the amount that receives the bonus. Most welcome bonuses will be a percentage of the amount deposited with an amount up to amount ‘X” after which the terms change.

Welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements too. While the requirements vary, from place to place, they are usually charged on either the amount you deposit, the bonus, or both your deposit and bonus. Some bonuses can be cashed once the wagering requirements are met, while others are not meant to be withdrawn.

Terms and Conditions

While there is excitement in getting free stuff from a gambling house, it is imperative that you read the terms and conditions of the casino before you sign up with them. Terms and conditions will explain to you everything you need to know about the bonuses on offer. This way, you will know what to expect and manage your expectations. Some casinos make their bonuses look very easy and enticing. They then hide the conditions in the T&Cs. You sign up and get the bonus only to realize that the wagering requirement is more than you anticipated, or that you cannot withdraw the bonus.

Advantages of New Player Bonuses

  • New player bonuses are an opportunity for a player to test how the casino operates with real money without necessarily investing their own bankroll into the casino. This is great because if the casino falls short of your expectations, then you can leave without experiencing any losses that would have occurred had you invested your own bankroll.
  • The bonuses awarded add onto your bankroll increasing your stakes at winning the big monies. If your deposit was, say $30, and you receive a bonus 200x your deposit, then you get to earn $6000. However, with a 100% bonus, the amount you stake with will be $60, and this means that you will earn $12000. That is double the amount you could have made. Even if you are not allowed to withdraw the bonus, the amount you will have made courtesy of the bonus will have you laughing all the way to the bank.
  • The free spins offered for specific games, mostly slots, when you join a casino are a great way to introduce a new game to players. If the free spins are offered for a slot, you will have to play the slot in order to utilize the free slots. This means that you will have a go at a game that you would otherwise not take part in. You may end up liking the game and that is one more thing to look forward to at that casino.

The Bottom Line

Bonuses for new players are important for any casino. They are the one way to draw new players to the casino, and hopefully, have them stay on.  New player bonuses the first impression of online casinos. It is their only opportunity to make or break. No casino wants to break or they will have no use being in business. Most importantly, read the terms and conditions so you are fully aware what you are getting yourself into.