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How Free Bonuses Benefit to the New Players

06 Jul 2019

Nowadays different kinds of promotions casinos offer, became the standard procedure for online gambling world. These are not only used to attract first-time bettors but to nourish the loyal players and reward them from time to time. Other than daily/weekly/monthly gifts bookmakers include, there are some advantages only the new players can enjoy. Those are various welcoming packages. The particular combination depends on the casino itself. Usually, upon the registration, every bettor gets a certain amount of money paid into the bank account. However, before signing up to any gambling house, there are a few things one should learn. Especially if you are a newbie it is very important to invest some time before giving the money and to read all the necessary info on the topic you are interested in. Note that in any case you can also always contact the customer support and ask anything you like. Some casinos even have the live chat opportunity so the communication is more simple and faster.

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Make the Best out of the First Time

When you step into a casino for the first time, there is a big chance you may be confused and lost. Even if you have some previous experience it can happen that certain casino rules look complicated. However, the registration process is often one of the best moments at the online house. At least as far as the gifts are concerned. Have in mind that the bonus library contains numerous benefits and not all of them are recommended for you. First of all, every bettor should make a difference between a deposit and no deposit bonuses. That means some of the gifts require the prior real money investment. When the bettor pays a certain amount he/she will be able to claim a reward and continue playing. That is the case with some of the most lucrative Welcome, Match or other cashables that can be met in almost every online gambling place. If, in any case, player chooses a casino in which there are no free bonuses, one can always reject the current offer and simply enjoy with funds from his/her bank account. Of course, there is no better way to try out something new than for free. That is what no deposit stuff brings: the chance to play the games without spending a dollar and to even gain cash.

It is on the House

The free of charge bonuses come in various forms. Land-based casinos offer drinks to their clients, the online world has different treats. The gaming market is competitive, so many have to give freerolls to stay interesting and top ranked in the business. Some of the best casinos today invest tons of money into these kinds of gifts and newbies should take this advantage. Usually, there are four types of no deposits:

  • No Time Limit Bonuses
    One of the basic rules when it comes to promotions is that they last for a determined period of time. However, if you are lucky enough you may find those that are a standard part of the specific casino and are reserved for the new bettors. Moreover, you can always take a peek into daily or weekly stuff;
  • Free Cash
    As you already know there is no such thing as a free lunch but the candy here and there is not impossible. Do not expect high amounts here. It is no charge cash after all. Watch out for the wagering requirements as well as the game limitations. Moreover, do not mix this bonus with the Free Play. The second one is a bit different. Usually, players get a set amount to spend (e.g. $500) and have an hour to invest it wisely and win as much as they can. After the time expiration, the bettor returns the bonus and can get the rewards only after making a certain deposit. On the other hand, Free Cash brings no risk for your own money. Note that these almost always come together with the wagering requirements and a maximum limit on the withdraw amount. Depending on the casino itself, approximately from $20 up to $5,000 is possible to take. It should be mentioned that this type of a benefit is the most popular among the players and for a reason;
  • Free Spins
    Every Slot machine lover will cheer to this kind of a gift. Basically, gamblers get some additional spins to try out pokies. The winnings cumulate and are transffered into money. It may be worthwhile to take into a consideration playing a high volatility machines in this case. Chances are smaller for the Jackpots but the possible amounts of the prizes are higher. Even if slots are not so interesting, have in mind that these games always contribute to the wager with high percentage, usually all 100%. That can be the fastest way to the bonus, plus you can win some cool prizes and have a lot of fun;
  • Comp Points
    Sometimes you will meet deals that include chips instead of cash. That is not always bad solution while the certain number of so called comp points can bring you up the ladder straight to the VIP section where the benefits are much more attractive. For instance, the loyalty programs have the possibility of taking part in tournaments and online competitions where the invested money is more than great. Also, you will have access to check fantastic exclusive bonuses. It is simply important for you to define what do you really want from the particular casino or the game in order to choose the right thing for the wallet;

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Accepting and Rejecting of a Bonus

It is of a big importance to completely understand all the terms and conditions that apply to a specific promotion. It is always unpleasant when a bettor actually do not benefit but loses with a gift. Every new player should pay special attention to some things. Such as game restriction. This means some of the products are excluded from the bonus and can not be tried out. Also, various limits, like different percentage contribution can also be related to a particular privilege. The last but not the least are the rollover requirements. When it comes to newbies those are usually from 5x to 20x and not so hard to meet. Before signing up always check if your country is not banned from playing and, of course, confirm that you are eligible as a bettor (e.g. over 21 with a complete verification). It is essential to choose quality over quantity. That means to decide for a safe and trustworthy casino even if the bonuses are a bit lower than in some suspicious gambling houses. Blacklisted bookmakers often take advantage first-time gamblers by offering skyrocketing amounts and exaggerating values. The good thing is to always do a homework before any involvement. You can always find anything you want to know from real player experiences via forums and search engines. Ensure the safe environment in any way. Check the license, transparency, games, VIP programs, etc. In the end, always watch out for the payout problems. None of the previously mentioned tips will work if the specific casino have payment problems and you can not actually take the money you won.