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Halloween Casino Bonuses

17 Jun 2019

Hail Samhain! Or, hail all Catholic saints – depends on your point of view. But whichever you prefer, Halloween is a magical period: We carve pumpkins, decorate our homes with spooky things, and play casino games to enjoy exclusive bonus offers! If you like online gambling and have not decided what to do at Halloween night, we recommend you to visit casino websites. On this special day, casinos can offer incredible bonuses and promotions. Will you stay awake all night? How about playing casino games until morning? In this article, we will talk about promotions of online casinos for Halloween and make your gaming experience more fun (and a little spooky).

Online Casino Tournaments

Halloween Casino BonusesTournaments are at the forefront of the activities organized by casinos at Halloween. Almost every game is within the scope of these tournaments. The scoreboard is posted daily on the homepage, and you can track your place easily. Simply put, you earn points per bets you placed or games you played. Each point allows you climb higher on the board. Do not confuse this promotion with prize draws because the winner is not determined by a draw, but the points earned. You do not need any luck to win these tournaments, just a lot of time and a big budget.

If the tournament is organized for slot machines, for example, you need to play as many games as possible. You do not need to win, it is enough to play (and place bets). The more you bet, the more points you earn. This ruleset also applies to other game types. The tournament usually ends on October 31, and the first three places are awarded cash prizes. The amount of award is variable, but it can go up to $ 100,000 in total.

Type: Tournament.
Requirements: Be a member, play and/or place bets as much as you can, deposit needed.

Halloween Casino Bonus Codes

Halloween Casino BonusesOnline casinos offer a lot of bonus codes during Halloween. Moreover, this promotion is held on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly. These codes consist of a series of letters or numbers. You need to enter them in the relevant section on your account screen. You get many different advantages: free spins, high betting limits, cashback bonus, higher match ratios, even cash prizes. You are informed in advance what you will get for the bonus code. If you are going to deposit money at a casino during this period, we strongly recommend you to use a bonus code beforehand. Because you can earn hundreds of dollars for free, just by entering a simple code. To find these codes:

  • Subscribe to the casino’s email newsletter;
  • Follow various online casino review sites.

Remember, you get a different bonus code every day. So don’t forget to check your email address (or the sites you follow) on a daily basis.

Type: Exclusive Bonus Codes.
Requirements: Be a member, subscribe to newsletter, deposit may or may not be needed.

Slot Game Casino Bonuses

Halloween Casino BonusesIf you like slot games, we have good news: during the Halloween period, you can get many different bonuses while playing them. As can be guessed, the games you can find during this period have “spooky” themes. Especially for the past few years, zombie-themed slot machines have become very popular. Because slot games are already a popular category, there are many different promotions dedicated to them. Here are some examples:

  • Free Spins: You can get hundreds of free spins on a daily basis. We are serious about “hundreds”, they can be as high as 666! You can use these rights in a single game or in different games. Generally, the casino chooses several Halloween-themed games and adds them a different number of free spins each day. It is possible to combine this offer with the built-in free spins feature of the games. You need to deposit a money beforehand to take advantage of this offer, usually between 1 and 20 dollars.
  • Cash Prizes: Cash prizes are distributed every week in a lottery held among the slots players. A single game is selected for this purpose and you are asked to play it every day. Unlike tournaments, there is no point system here. You get the right to participate in the drawing just by playing the selected game. The grand award is a cash prize, which can be as high as $200,000. You need to be a member and deposit money to participate (minimum 1, maximum 20 dollars).
  • First Deposit: If you are going to make a deposit to a casino for the first time, you can use a special promotion called “first deposit”. In this promotion, in exchange for the money you deposit, a certain amount free spin right are given. For example, you can deposit 10 dollars and get 40 free spins. This offer can combine with other promotions. Because of this, you can get almost 1.000 free spins.

Type: Free Spins.
Requirements: Be or become a member, deposit money, play as many slots as you can.

Progressive Jackpots

Halloween Casino BonusesGames with the progressive jackpot feature do not have a fixed pay table. Distributed prizes increase with every game played. In fact, they continue to raise until someone wins. For this reason, the grand prize can reach millions of dollars. Online casinos offer special progressive jackpot games during the Halloween period. The progressive prize pool continuously increases for a month. As the date of October 31 approaches, the amount of the prizes will be near to hundreds of thousands of dollars. By playing special progressive jackpot games on this season, you can get a chance to become a millionaire. However, you always need to place maximum bets in this type of games. Minimum bets are not enough to activate the jackpot prize.

Type: Progressive Jackpot Games.
Requirements: Be a member, deposit money, place maximum bets on selected titles.

Other Casino Bonuses

Other promotions include special offers like no deposit and match bonuses. These are offers that are also available in normal time, but the number and scope of them increase during Halloween. For example, just by becoming a new member, your account can be deposited for a few hundred dollars, free of charge. Or all the money you deposit can be matched up to %200. These kind of bonuses are different in every casino. For this reason, we recommend that you visit several places regularly during Halloween and choose the most advantageous ones.

When Is Halloween 2017?

Halloween will be celebrated on October, 31st this year, just as it is every year. (It will be on Tuesday this year.) However, online casino promotions are usually held between the 1st and the 31st of October. So you have almost a month to enjoy all these offers, not a single day. You do not have to hurry; but as you can imagine, the most advantageous offers are available on October, 31st.

In this one month period, the campaigns are organized on a daily basis. So you can find a different bonus offer every day. For this reason, we recommend that you visit your favorite casino (and others) regularly. You can find a different offer every day. Let’s take a closer look at some of these bonuses, shall we?