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Slot Bonus Games On Reels

06 Jul 2019

Online slot machines are a fantastic way to pass the time, as well as make a fair amount of cash. While you can be moderately successful by just playing the standard game modes of the numerous cyber slot machines, the true winning comes in the bonus rounds. Most online casinos also offer various registration bonuses for using their websites.

The Bonus World of Online Casinos

If you have been perusing a few of the many online casinos, you’ve probably noticed that most of them offer lucrative bonuses. While these various rewards may appear highly lucrative, it’s important to understand just how they function, in order to avoid confusion, or even worse, wasting your precious money.

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You may be wondering just how cyber casinos can afford to offer so many seemingly generous bonuses, while ordinary casinos generally don’t. The inflated bonuses are permitted due to the reduced costs of operating online casinos, compared to physical ones. Casinos have massive cover charges that they continually have to pay for, while online casinos will generally just need to pay for licensing.

This means that a real casino will not, in fact, pay out as much as some would like to believe, they just can’t afford to, having such stringent fees to cover while still making a profit. Online casinos have a lot of leeway with what they do with their capital, meaning that they can continually entice people with their attractive rewards. So, what are the actual bonuses they offer?

The Kinds of Bonuses and What They Offer

  • Cashable Match Deposit Bonuses
    As the name implies, they will match whatever you deposit. If one happens to put down $100, the bonus will generate a 100% match of another $100, giving you a total of $200 to play with. This is one of the most common types found in online casinos.
  • No Deposit Bonuses
    A fantastic way to experience a cyber casino is using their ‘No Deposit Bonus,’ something which the majority of cyber casinos offer potential members. With this type, you will be provided with a small sum of cash to play with, meant to be a testing run for people that are curious about whether to invest in online gambling or not.
    Sometimes a casino will request your credit card details before you claim the bonus. This financial requirement isn’t generally in need of money, rather it is a security check to stop people from exploiting this system by registering multiple accounts and the like.
  • Sticky Bonuses
    This bonus may sound initially idiotic, but you will understand its benefit once you play a few games. Sticky bonuses are sums of cash which cannot be withdrawn. Rather, they are merely there to help you continue playing a game, working as an in-game asset. With sticky bonuses, you are ensured a second wind while playing, meaning more spins.
  • Exclusive Bonus
    Each online casino has a customized bonus, exclusive to their website. These are a result of the casino owner making a deal with the owner of the website, being a collaborative effort to bring something new and exciting to the table.
    Exclusive bonuses are generally a variant of the above-mentioned ones, often tailored to suit the overall business strategy of an online casino. They will generally be advertized in the main page of the casino’s website, often being the first thing you see when you go on to an online casino’s main page.

These are generally very enticing, but you should definitely find out more about them before accepting them on a whim. Thankfully, each online casino has a comprehensive ‘Terms and Conditions’ page you should definitely consider before signing up for anything.

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Reading the Fine Print

Bonuses are all fine and dandy, but it’s important that you always read the terms and conditions before accepting them. It’s true, hardly anyone ever takes the time to read through several pages of pedantic, technical information, most of us just scroll to the very end and then click ‘Accept.’

While this practice may be fine with your average application or website sign up, when the terms and conditions actually affect your personal money, it is of vital importance that you take the time to read through the fine print of online casino arrangements and find out exactly what you’re signing up for.

The two most important aspects that you should look out for are the wagering requirements, as well as the casino game restrictions.

Wagering Requirements

Each online casino has a different set of wagering requirements, which is how much you will be putting down on each play. These are generally calculated by multiplying your deposit added with your bonus, generally by twenty or thirty times.

As you can see, your bonus will be added into calculating the size of your wagering requirements, often resulting in a far higher amount than if you hadn’t accepted a bonus. This is why going through the terms and conditions carefully regarding this section is vital in determining whether a bonus can actually end up being a liability or not.

Game Restrictions

One should also take into account the full extent of games that actually factor in bonuses. You will generally find that slot games will completely be affected by bonuses. Some games, however, like Roulette or Blackjack, do not factor in bonuses.

Again, finding out just how many games are specifically augmented by bonuses can be found in the terms and conditions. Take some time to read just which games benefit from bonus agreements, and which don’t. You may find that the games you are interested in do not benefit from bonus systems.

Not Interested in Bonuses?

If you have read through the ins and outs of the bonus systems and found that you are not satisfied with their conditions, you won’t then want to accept them. There are two ways of getting rid of them.

  1. The first way is to just not accept them upon registering in the first place.
  2. The second way requires contacting the relevant casino’s customer support, as many casinos will automatically transfer bonuses to your account, without your permission. You will then need to get a hold of someone in the customer support department and request cancellation.

If you wish to get rid of bonuses, you obviously do not want to play at all before you have ensured they have been removed, as they will become activated if you play even once. Some bonuses become credited an hour after your deposit has gone through, so you need to contact customer support as soon as possible if you decide against using them.

Online gambling is certainly a far more accessible and easy way to enjoy the full benefits of gaming. Unlike many physical casinos, it’s far easier to get all of the information you need, all at a click of a button.

Even if some bonus conditions aren’t the most beneficial in the long run, the majority of them have been designed to encourage people to play, and will generally definitely bring more wins to players. It all just takes a bit of reading, a bit of experimenting, and a lot of playing.